5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
logical NOT, negation (programming, IC design)
in searches, a wild card
current directory (UNIX and DOS)
parent directory (UNIX and DOS)
floating point division
logical OR, disjunction (programming, IC design)
Double Sided Double Density
Third Generation Partnership Project
Four-Character Code
Automatic Artwork Alignment
ATRACC ATM Added Functions
Augmentative and Assistive Computing
Austin Atari Computer Enthusiasts
APS Automated Client Tracking System
Advanced Authoring Format
American Association for History and Computing
Animal Artificial Intelligence
Automated Acquisition Information System
ATM Adaptation Layer 5
Accuracy Authority Objectivity Currency And Coverage
Application Bulletin
Abstract Base Class
Approximate Bootstrap Confidence
Atanasoff Berry Computer
Harvard University-wide computer user group
Actor Based Concurrent Language
Association Of Burroughs Computer Users
Abnormal End
Acquired Brain Injury
All But Manager Access
Automatically Backup My Documents
Allocation Based Scheduling
Automated Batch Submission
Accepted, But Unusable
Application Business Unit
Association of Banyan Users International
Accepted, But Uninstalled System
Audio Coding
Audio Codec 97
Arrowpoint Content Awareness
Avanade Connected Architectures
Access method Control Block
All Campus Computing Environment Support System
Automatic Computer Cutting System
Automated CD Data Processing
Active Control Data Set
Access, Collaboration, and Equity