7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic
Relating, Representing and Reasoning
Eearly Childhood Care and Education
Aakash ANTHE
Activity Approach
Alternate Advancement
Angelus Academy
Attract Attention
Active Accelerated Academy
Awareness, Action, and Accountability
American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative
Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine
Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament
Australian Autoglazier Accreditation Training Program
Alberta Associations for Bright Children
Advanced Activity Concept
Alternative And Augmentative Communication
Alternative Augmentative Communication
Asian American Civic Association
Asian American Cultural Association
American Association Of Community Colleges
Applied Academics Career Education
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation
Arkansas Advocates For Children And Families
Arkansas Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee
Austin Area Charter School Cooperative
Aakash Anthe Exam
Alabama Association Of Elementary School Administrators
American Association Of Educational Service Agencies
Alaska Association For Family And Community Education
Alberta Association For Conductive Education
Alabama Association for Gifted Children
Alternative Assessment for Grade Promotion
Austin Area Homeschoolers
American Alliance For Health Physical Education Recreation And Dance
Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale
Anywhere Anytime Learning
African Association For Literary And Adult Education
Ann Arbor Learning Community
African American Leaders Society
African American Mentors Reaching Out
African American National Biography
Ann Arbor Open Coordinating Council
Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory
Appic Application For Psychology Internship