705 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
Ambient Air Quality Standards (environment) (US)
Assigned amount units (measurement)
Aquatic Base Flow (Hydropower) (electricity)
Availability based tariff (electricity)
Alternating current
Annual Charge Adjustment (electricity)
Accession countries (to the European Union) (government)
Area Control Error (electricity)
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Accelerated Cost Recovery System (finance)
Accumulated Deferred Investment Tax Credit (policy)
Asset Depreciation Range (finance)
Alternative dispute resolution
American Electric Power (electricity)
Alberta Electric System Operator
Authority for Expenditure or Authorization for Expenditure
allowance for funds used during construction
annual fuel utilization efficiency
Alternative fuel vehicle
American Gas Association
Automatic generation control
Associated Gas Distributors (US)
Agricultural Impact Mitigation Agreement (US)
Armenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria Oil pipeline
Advanced metering infrastructure
Automated meter reading also known as Automatic Meter Reading
Automatic Meter Reading Association
Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1977 to build the Alaska gas pipeline
Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation System
Authorized Overrun Service
Administrative Procedure Act
Alaska Power Administration
Area of potential effect (electricity)
American Petroleum Institute (oil)
American Public Power Association (electricity)
Actual peak reduction (e.g. in demand response systems) (electricity)
Air Quality Control Region (US) (environment)
(in shipping) ports of Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp (oil)
Alaskan System Coordination Council
Alliance to Save Energy
Available transfer capability
Automatic Voltage Regulator (electricity)
Balancing Authority
Biological Assessment
Best Available Control Technology
barrel (42 gallons)
Balgzand Bacton Line (BBL Pipeline)
Barrel per day
Barrel per day, on stream days
Barrel per day, on calendar days