176 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
Advanced Audio Coding
Application Binary Interface
Advanced Micro Device
American National Standards Institute
Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
Application Program Interface
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Advanced Systems Format
Advanced Video Coding
Audio Video Interleave
Bureau of Indian Standards
Business Software Alliance
Berkeley Software Distribution
British Standards Institute
Country Code Top-Level Domain
Compact Disc
Common Development and Distribution License
Consumer Electronics
Computer-Implemented Invention
Common Off The Shelf
Domain Name Service
Disk Operating System
Document Type Definition
Digital Video Disc
European Commission
European Computer Manufacturers Association
[Extend and Extinguish] Embrace
e-Government Interoperability Framework
[Communications and Consumer Technology Industry Association] European Information
European Interoperability Framework
Executable and Linking Format
European Patent Convention
European Patent Office
Enterprise Technology Reference Model
European Telecommunications Standards Institute
European Union
Frequently Asked Questions
File Allocation Table
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Free Lossless Audio Codec
Free/Open Source Software
Free Software Foundation
Free Standards Group
Government to Business
Graphics Interchange Format
Graphics Library
GNU Network Object Model Environment
Gnu's Not Unix