5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
logical NOT, negation (programming)
logical OR, disjunction (programming)
First Generation Language (Machine Language)
One True Brace Style
version 5.0 of Microsoft Windows
Second Generation Language (Assembly Language)
Three-Dimensional Array
Third Generation Language
Fifth-Generation Language
version 4.0 of Microsoft Windows
version 4.1 of Microsoft Windows
Control key (e.g., ^C)
Automated Atlantis Assistants
Advanced Audio Compression
Arthur Andersen Corporate Tax Software
Automatic Analog Circuit Test Strategist
Application Architecture Design
Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming
Assignment Activation And Inventory Services
Assembly Add-on Kit
Aggressive Advantage of Multiple Processors
ATOVS And AVHRR Processing Package
Adaptive Algorithm Selection Method
Application Assembly Tool
Apache Bench
Application Bridge
Advanced Business Application Programming
Address Book Conversion Utility
A Better eBay Filter
Advanced Boolean Expression Language
Assumption Based Evidential Language
Answers By Gateway
Advanced Basic Input/Output System (for IBM PS/2)
Automated Biometric Identification System
Advanced Business Language
Agent Building and Learning Environment
Automation Bulk Mailing Center
Agent-based Model and Notation
Adaptive Binary Optimization
Agent Based Software Development
AdSonar - Bulk Upload Gateway
AdSonar Bulk Upload Gateway
Aerodynamic Code
Apache Configurator
Application Context
Authenticast Comet
Arithmetical Comprehension Axiom
Application Configuration Access Protocol
Adaptive Context Aware Services