7605 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
XWF Xcitement Wrestling Federation
XWM X window manager
XWN eXtended WordNet
XWS X Window System
XX Twenty (in Roman numerals)
XXX Hardcore pornography (film rating)||Thirty (in Roman numera
XYA IATA code for Yandina Airport
Xyl Xylobium
XZA IATA code for Zabré Airport
XZN Triple square screw driver
y Yocto-
Y Yotta||Yttrium
Y2K Year Two Thousand
yA Yoctoampere
Ya Yottayear
YA Yottaampere|| Young Adult
YaBPr Yet another Brother Pat rant
YABSLAG Yet another boy singing like a girl
YAC Youth-Adult Committee
YAFLA Yet Another Five Letter Abbreviation
YAP Young Aspiring Professional
Yb Ytterbium
YB Youcef Benzouada (Southern Algerian name)
yC Yoctocoulomb
YC Yottacoulomb
YD People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (ISO 3166 digram, obsolete 1990)
YDS Yosemite Decimal System (climbing)
YE Yemen (ISO 3166 digram)
YEM Yemen (ISO 3166 trigram)||Manitowaning/Manitoulin East Municipal Airport IATA airport code
YER Yemeni rial (ISO 4217 currency code)
yF Yoctofarad
YF Yottafarad
yg Yoctogram
Yg Yottagram
YGCO Yamaneko Group of Comet Observers
Ygo Yu-Gi-Oh!
yH Yoctohenry
YH Yottahenry
YHBT You Have Been Trolled
YHIH1 You Heard It Here First (lowercase: yhih1, pronounced yi-hi)
YHII You Have It Inside
YHS Ya Hoor sur!
yi Yiddish language (ISO 639-1 code)
Yi Yobi
YI Serbia and Montenegro (deprecated FIPS 10-4 country code, now RB (Serbia) and MJ (Montenegro))
yid Yiddish language (ISO 639-2 code)
Yippie Youth International Party + suffix
yJ Yoctojoule
YJ Yottajoule
yK Yoctokelvin