7601 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAP Allied administrative publication
AAPC Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
aar Afar language (ISO 639-2 code)
AAR after-action review
AAR Association of American Railroads
AARP (i/s) American Association of Retired Persons (now officially known only by the initials)
AAS Advanced Automation System
AAS American Astronomical Society ("double-A-S")
AASPEM advanced air-to-air system performance evaluation model
AAT Australian Antarctic Territory
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAWC anti-air warfare commander
ab Abkhaz language (ISO 639-1 code)
AB Able Seaman (both the rank and the occupation)
AB Alberta (postal symbol)
ABA Adriatic Basketball Association
ABA American Bar Association
ABA American Basketball Association
ABA American Beverage Association
ABA American Bicycle Association
ABA American Birding Association
ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority
ABB ASEA Brown Boveri (Swiss-Swedish multinational company)
ABBA Agnetha, Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid (Swedish pop group)
ABC abstinence, be faithful, condoms
ABC Active Body Control
ABC airway, breathing, circulation (see CPR)
ABC Alcoholic Beverage Commission
ABC alien big cat
ABC always be careful
ABC American Bird Conservancy
ABC American-born Chinese
ABC American Broadcasting Company
ABC anti-lock brake controller
ABC Associated British Corporation
ABC Atanasoff–Berry Computer
ABC Atlantic Baptist College
ABC atomic, biological, chemical (see NBC)
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABCA American, British and Canadian Armies (originally)
ABCA Army Bureau of Current Affairs
ABCS (U.S.) Army Battle Command System
ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
ABFIST Advanced Bradley Full Crew Interactive Skills Trainer
ABGI Addington-Barker Group International
ABIN Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (Brazilian Intelligence Agency)
abk Abkhaz language (ISO 639-2 code)
ABL American Basketball League
ABLE AirBorne Law Enforcement (police air support unit)
ABM anti-ballistic missile||Asynchronous Balanced Mode||automated banking machine