7601 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AFSCN U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network
AFT American Farmland Trust
AFV armoured fighting vehicle
AFWA Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
ag Attogram
Ag Silver (Latin argentum)
AG air gunner
AG Aktiengesellschaft (German, "incorporated")
AG Algeria (FIPS 10-4 country code)
AG Antigua and Barbuda (ISO 3166 digram)
AG Assemblies of God
AGA AB Gas-accumulator ("ah-gah", Swedish company)
AGA Advanced Graphics Architecture
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development
AGARDograph Advanced Guidance for Alliance Research and Development publication
AGASA Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (cosmic ray detector)
AGB Internal Nintendo initialism (Advanced Game Boy) for Game Boy Advance
AGC Apollo Guidance Computer
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGC Adjutant General's Corps (British Army)
AGDC Australian Game Developers' Conference
AGI Auxiliary Group Intelligence
AGL Above Ground Level
AGM Annual General Meeting
AGN Active Galactic Nucleus
AGO Angola (ISO 3166 trigram)
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
AGRICOLA Agriculture Online Access
AGS Alaska Ground Station (LandSat)
AGTS Advanced Gunnery Training System
AGU American Geophysical Union
AGW Autonomous Guided Weapon
aH Attohenry
Ah Ampere-hour
AH Attack Helicopter
AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (obsolete; replaced with AHRQ)
AHEC Australian Health Ethics Committee
AHPCRC Army High Performance Computing Research Center
AHQ Air Headquarters
AHS American Housing Survey
AI Air Interdiction
AI Amnesty International
AI Artificial Insemination
AI Artificial Intelligence
AI Anguilla (ISO 3166 digram)
AIA Aerospace Industries Association
AIA American Institute of Architects
AIA Anguilla (ISO 3166 trigram)
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIC African Independent Church