320 abbreviations
DVTDeep vein thrombosis
EDEmotionally disturbed
EDSEhlers–Danlos syndrome
EDSExcessive daytime sleepiness
EEEEastern equine encephalitis
EHKEpidermolytic hyperkeratosis
EMHEducable mentally handicapped
EMREducable mentally retarded
ENSEpidermal nevus syndrome
EPMExtrapontine myelinolysis
EPPErythropoietic protoporphyria
ESRDEnd-stage renal disease
ESSEmpty sella syndrome
FAEFetal alcohol effects
FASFetal alcohol syndrome
FASDsFetal alcohol spectrum disorders
FFIFatal familial insomnia
FMAFocal muscular atrophies
FMDFibromuscular dysplasia
FMSFibromyalgia syndrome
FSPFamilial spastic paraparesis
FTDFrontotemporal dementia
FVSFetal valproate syndrome
FXSFragile X syndrome
GADGeneralized anxiety disorder
GANGiant axonal neuropathy
GAS diseaseGroup A Streptococcal disease
GBSGuillain–Barré syndrome
GBS diseaseGroup B Streptococcal disease
GCEGlycine encephalopathy
GDGestational diabetes
GERDGastroesophageal reflux disease
GIBGastrointestinal bleeding
GNGlossopharyngeal neuralgia
GSS diseaseGerstmann–Straussler–Scheinker disease
GT/LDGifted and learning disabled
GVHDGraft-versus-host disease
GWDGuinea worm disease
HASHolmes–Adie syndrome
HCPHereditary coproporphyria
HDHuntington's disease
HDL2Huntington's disease–like 2
HELLP syndrome[elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count syndrome]Hemolytic anemia
HFAHigh-functioning autism
HFRSHemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
HIHearing impaired
HiB diseaseHaemophilus influenzae type B disease
HMSN Type IIIHereditary motor and sensory polyneuropathy type III (see Dejerine–Sottas syndrome)
HOHHard of hearing