347 abbreviations
ATNAeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATPLAirline Transport Pilot Licence
ATSair traffic service
B/PBlue Print
BCback course
BCBuilt-In Test Equipment
BLBut Line
BOMBill of Material
BPRbypass ratio
BWCbird watch condition
CAMEContinuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
CAMOContinuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
CANSOCivil Air Navigation Services Organisation
CAScalibrated airspeed
CDIcourse deviation indicator
CDUcontrol/display unit
CFITcontrolled flight into terrain
CFRCertified Federal Regulations
CGcenter of gravity
CMVconverted meteorological visibility
CPDLCcontroller–pilot data link communications
CTAFcommon traffic advisory frequency
CVRcockpit voice recorder
DA/Hdecision altitude/height (rel. to THR) See instrument landing system
DERDeparture end of runway / Designated engineering representative
DGdirectional gyro
DGRDangerous Goods Regulation
DLRGerman Aerospace Center / Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
DMEdistance measuring equipment
DOWDry Operational Weight
DRdead reckoning
DUATSDirect User Access Terminal Service DUATS
DWCdog watch condition
EASequivalent airspeed
EBOMengineering Bill of Material
ECAMelectronic centralised aircraft monitor
ECETend of civil evening twilight
ECREngineering Change Request
EDTOextended diversion time operations
EFISelectronic flight instrument system
EGPWSenhanced ground proximity warning system
EGTexhaust gas temperature
EICASengine-indicating and crew-alerting system
E-LSAexperimental light-sport aircraft
ELTemergency locator transmitter
EOBTestimated off-blocktime
EPRengine pressure ratio
ESAemergency safe altitude
ETOPSExtended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards, see ETOPS