347 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence
ATS air traffic service
B/P Blue Print
BC back course
BC Built-In Test Equipment
BL But Line
BOM Bill of Material
BPR bypass ratio
BWC bird watch condition
CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
CANSO Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation
CAS calibrated airspeed
CDI course deviation indicator
CDU control/display unit
CFIT controlled flight into terrain
CFR Certified Federal Regulations
CG center of gravity
CMV converted meteorological visibility
CPDLC controller–pilot data link communications
CTAF common traffic advisory frequency
CVR cockpit voice recorder
DA/H decision altitude/height (rel. to THR) See instrument landing system
DER Departure end of runway / Designated engineering representative
DG directional gyro
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulation
DIA Diameter
DLR German Aerospace Center / Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
DME distance measuring equipment
DOW Dry Operational Weight
DR dead reckoning
DUATS Direct User Access Terminal Service DUATS
DWC dog watch condition
EAS equivalent airspeed
EBOM engineering Bill of Material
ECAM electronic centralised aircraft monitor
ECET end of civil evening twilight
ECR Engineering Change Request
EDTO extended diversion time operations
EFIS electronic flight instrument system
EGPWS enhanced ground proximity warning system
EGT exhaust gas temperature
EICAS engine-indicating and crew-alerting system
E-LSA experimental light-sport aircraft
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EOBT estimated off-blocktime
EPR engine pressure ratio
ESA emergency safe altitude
ETOPS Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards, see ETOPS