347 abbreviations
ETPequal time point
EUROCAEEuropean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EWEmpty Weight
FAAU.S. Department of Transportations' Federal Aviation Administration
FADECfull authority digital engine control
FAFfinal approach fix
FANSfuture air navigation system
FAPfinal approach point
FAROSfinal approach runway occupancy signal
FATOfinal approach and take off
FBOfixed base operator
FCOMflight crew operating manual
FDflight director
FDMflight data monitoring
FDRflight data recorder (also known as black box)
FEPfinal end point
FIRflight information region
FLflight level
FMCflight management computer (same as FMS)
FMSflight management system
FOOflight operation officer
FOQAflight operational quality assurance
FPAflight path angle
FPLfiled flight plan
FSFFlight Safety Foundation
FSSflight service station
G/A or GAgo-around
GAgeneral aviation
GCAGround-controlled approach
GEAGround effect area
GLOCg-induced loss of consciousness, where g is acceleration relevant to the acceleration caused by gravity
GPglide path. See Instrument landing system
GPWSground proximity warning system
GSEground support equipment
HAZMATHazardous Material
HIROHigh Intensity Runway Operation
HIWASHazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
HLHeight loss
HLDhold (hold altitude or speed or something else) (same as maintain, but not maintenance!)
HPAhuman-powered aircraft
HSIhorizontal situation indicator
HUDhead-up display
HYDIMhydraulic interface module
IAFinitial approach fix