347 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
IAP instrument approach procedure
IAS indicated airspeed
IAW In accordance with
IB Inboard
ICA Instructions for Continuous Airworthiness
ICO idle cut-off
IDT identify (XPDR)
IF intermediate approach fix
IFA International Federation of Airworthiness
IFATCA International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations
IFE In Flight Entertainment
IFR instrument flight rules
IFSD in-flight shutdown
ILS instrument landing system
IMC instrument meteorological conditions
IML Inside Mold Line
INS inertial navigation system
IR Initial Release
IRS inertial reference system
IRT instrument rating test
ISFD integrated standby flight display
ISIS integrated standby instrument system
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITT interstage turbine temperature
KIAS knots indicated airspeed
LAME licenced aircraft maintenance engineer
LCG load classification group
LCN load classification number
LHO live human organs
LIR Loading Instruction Report
LLC Life Limited Component
LLZ localizer (ILS)
LM land and marine
LNAV lateral navigation
LOFT line-oriented flight training
LPV localizer performance with vertical guidance
LRU line-replaceable unit
LW Landing Weight
MAC mid-air collision
MAP missed approach point
MATS Manual of Air Traffic Services
MCP mode control panel
MDA minimum descent altitude
MDH minimum descent height
ME Manufacturing Engineer
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEF maximum elevation figure
MEL minimum equipment list
METAR meteorological aerodrome report (METAR)
MLDW maximum landing weight