347 abbreviations
IAPinstrument approach procedure
IASindicated airspeed
IAWIn accordance with
ICAInstructions for Continuous Airworthiness
ICOidle cut-off
IDTidentify (XPDR)
IFintermediate approach fix
IFAInternational Federation of Airworthiness
IFATCAInternational Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations
IFEIn Flight Entertainment
IFRinstrument flight rules
IFSDin-flight shutdown
ILSinstrument landing system
IMCinstrument meteorological conditions
IMLInside Mold Line
INSinertial navigation system
IRInitial Release
IRSinertial reference system
IRTinstrument rating test
ISFDintegrated standby flight display
ISISintegrated standby instrument system
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITTinterstage turbine temperature
KIASknots indicated airspeed
LAMElicenced aircraft maintenance engineer
LCGload classification group
LCNload classification number
LHOlive human organs
LIRLoading Instruction Report
LLCLife Limited Component
LLZlocalizer (ILS)
LMland and marine
LNAVlateral navigation
LOFTline-oriented flight training
LPVlocalizer performance with vertical guidance
LRUline-replaceable unit
LWLanding Weight
MACmid-air collision
MAPmissed approach point
MATSManual of Air Traffic Services
MCPmode control panel
MDAminimum descent altitude
MDHminimum descent height
MEManufacturing Engineer
MEDEVACmedical evacuation
MEFmaximum elevation figure
MELminimum equipment list
METARmeteorological aerodrome report (METAR)
MLDWmaximum landing weight