347 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
MLS microwave landing system
MM middle marker
MMEL master minimum equipment list
MOC minimum obstacle clearance
MP manifold pressure
MRB Material Review Board
MRO maintenance repair overhaul
MRP Material Resources Planning
MRW maximum ramp weight
MSA minimum safe altitude / minimum sector altitude
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSL mean sea level
MSLW Max. Structural Landing Weight
MSTOW Max. Structural Take-off Weight
MSZFW Max. Structural Zero Fuel Weight
MTOW maximum take-off weight
MZFW maximum zero-fuel weight
NDB Non-directional beacon
NDT Non-destructive testing
NOTAM notice to airmen
OBE overcome by events
OBS omni-bearing selector
OCA obstacle clearance altitude
OCH obstacle clearance height
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OIS Obstacle identification surface
OM outer marker
OTS out of service
OW operational weight
P (as a prefix:) prohibited airspace
PANS-OPS procedures for air navigation services – aircraft operations
PAPI precision approach path indicator
PAR precision approach radar
PBD place bearing distance (RNAV waypoint)
PDAS public domain aeronautical software
PDG procedure design gradient
PET point of equal time
PF pilot flying
PFAF precision final approach fix
PFD primary flight display
PIO Pilot Induced Oscillations
PIREP Pilot Report
PM pilot monitoring
PNF pilot not flying
POH Pilot's Operating Handbook
PSR point of safe return
PSR power supply reset
PSU personal service unit
QFE the Q-code for: Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation (or at runway threshold)
QNH the Q-code for: Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground, i.e. altitude above MSL