347 abbreviations
QRHquick reference handbook
R(as a prefix:) restricted airspace
RAradio altitude or radar altimeter
RAresolution advisory (in the context of TCAS)
RASrectified air speed
RDHreference datum height for ILS
RESArunway end safety area
RNAVarea navigation
RNPrequired navigation performance
RSArunway safety area
RSRen-route surveillance radar
RTOrejected take-off
RVRrunway visual range
RVSMreduced vertical separation minima
RWramp weight
SASstability augmentation system
SCAPStandard Computerized Airplane Performance
SESARSingle European Sky ATM Research
SIDstandard instrument departure
SIGMETSignificant meteorological advisory
SMOHSince major overhaul
SMRsurface movement radar
SOCstart of climb at missed approach
SODPROsimultaneous opposite direction parallel runway operations
SOPstandard operating procedure
STARstandard terminal arrival route
TAtraffic advisory (see TCAS)
TAAterminal arrival area
TACANtactical air navigation
TAFterminal aerodrome forecast
TAMtotal airport management
TARterminal approach radar
TAStrue airspeed
TAWSterrain awareness and warning system
TCAterminal control area
TCAStraffic collision avoidance system
TCHthreshold crossing height
TDZtouchdown zone
TERPSterminal procedures
TFRtemporary flight restriction
TGLtemporary guidance leaflet
THRrunway threshold
THStrimmable horizontal stabilizer, see tailplane
TLDtime-limited dispatch
TO/GAtake-off/go around
TODtop of descent