347 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
QRH quick reference handbook
R (as a prefix:) restricted airspace
RA radio altitude or radar altimeter
RA resolution advisory (in the context of TCAS)
RAS rectified air speed
RDH reference datum height for ILS
RESA runway end safety area
RNAV area navigation
RNP required navigation performance
RSA runway safety area
RSR en-route surveillance radar
RT radiotelephony
RTO rejected take-off
RVR runway visual range
RVSM reduced vertical separation minima
RW ramp weight
RWY runway
SAS stability augmentation system
SCAP Standard Computerized Airplane Performance
SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research
SID standard instrument departure
SIGMET Significant meteorological advisory
SMOH Since major overhaul
SMR surface movement radar
SOC start of climb at missed approach
SODPRO simultaneous opposite direction parallel runway operations
SOP standard operating procedure
SR sunrise
SS sunset
STAR standard terminal arrival route
TA traffic advisory (see TCAS)
TAA terminal arrival area
TACAN tactical air navigation
TAF terminal aerodrome forecast
TAM total airport management
TAR terminal approach radar
TAS true airspeed
TAWS terrain awareness and warning system
TCA terminal control area
TCAS traffic collision avoidance system
TCH threshold crossing height
TDZ touchdown zone
TERPS terminal procedures
TFR temporary flight restriction
TGL temporary guidance leaflet
THR runway threshold
THS trimmable horizontal stabilizer, see tailplane
TLD time-limited dispatch
TO/GA take-off/go around
TOD top of descent