347 abbreviations
TORAtake-off run available
TOWtake-off weight
TOWStake-off warning system
TPturning point at missed approach
TRAtemporary reserved airspace
TRACONterminal radar approach control
TTAFtotal time air frame
TTSNtotal time since new
TTSOtotal time since overhaul
UAVunmanned air vehicle
UHFultra-high frequency
UIRupper information region
UTCUniversal Coordinated Time
Vamaneuvering speed
VASIvisual approach slope indicator
VDPVisual descent point
Vfemaximum flaps extended speed
VFRvisual flight rules
VHFvery high frequency
Vlemaximum landing gear extension sp
Vlomaximum landing gear operating speed
VMCvisual meteorological conditions
Vmcminimum control speed
Vmomaximum operating speed
VNAVvertical navigation
Vnenever-exceed speed
Vnonormal operating speed limit
VORVHF omnidirectional range
Vsstall speed
Vsostall speed in landing configuration
VVIVertical velocity indicator (the same as VSI)
Vxbest angle of climb speed
Vybest rate of climb speed
WATweight, altitude, temperature: variables that affect takeoff performance
WEFwith effect from
WOFWweight-off-wheels, indicates aircraft is off ground since lift off
WONWweight-on-wheels, indicates aircraft is on ground since touch down
Yyaw or yaw angle
Y/Dyaw damper
ZZulu Time (UTC)
ZFTzero-fuel time
ZFWzero-fuel weight