562 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AFLOA Air Force Legal Operations Agency
AFMA Air Force Manpower Agency
AFMAN Air Force Manual
AFMC Air Force Material Command
AFMOA Air Force Medical Operations Agency
AFMS Air Force Manpower Standards
AFMSA Air Force Medical Support Agency
AFNIC Air Force Network Integration Center
AFNOC Air Force Network Operations Center
AFNORTH Air Forces Northern
AFNSEPO Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Office
AFNWCA Air Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency
AFOG Air Force Operations Group
AFOQT Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
AFPAA Air Force Public Affairs Agency
AFPAM Air Force Pamphlet
AFPC Air Force Personnel Center
AFPCA Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency
AFPD Air Force Policy Directive
AFPEO Air Force Program Executive Office
AFPET Air Force Petroleum Agency
AFPOA Air Force Personnel Operations Agency
AFRBA Air Force Review Boards Agency
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
AFRL Air Force Research Lab
AFRPA Air Force Real Property Agency
AFSA Air Force Sergeants Association
AFSC Air Force Safety Center
AFSC Air Force Specialty Code
AFSC Air Force Systems Command
AFSFC Air Force Security Forces Center
AFSO 21 Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOUTH Air Forces Southern
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
AFSVA Air Force Services Agency
AFTO Air Force Technical Order
AFVA Air Force Visual Aids
AFWA Air Force Weather Agency
AG (TAG) Adjutant General, (The)
AGS Aircraft Generation Squadron
AGSM Ainti - G Straining Maneuver
AKRAOC Alaska Region Air Operations Center
ALCON All Concerned (used in message headers for mass emailings)
ALO Air Liaison Officer
ALS Airman Leadership School
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMMO Troop Munitions Systems Technician AMMO (U.S. Air Force)
AMMS Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Missile Badge
Amn Airman