562 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
Hawg Nickname for the A - 10 Thunderbolt II
HAZCON Hazardous Condition
HIA Held in Abeyance
HO Historians Office
HPC Historic Properties Custodian
HTS HARM Targeting System
HUAW Hurry Up and Wait
HUD Head - Up Display
HUMINT Human Intelligence
IA Information Assurance
IAW In Accordance With
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IFE In - Flight Emergency
IFF Identification Friend or Foe or Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals
IFFCC Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer
IFT Introductory Flight Training
IG Inspector General
IMDS Integrated Maintenance Database System
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
INOP Inoperative/Inoperable
INOSC Integrated Network Operations and Security Center
IO Information Operations
IOIC Information Operations Integration Course
IP Instructor Pilot
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
IS Intelligence Squadron
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ITT Information, Tickets, and Travel
IYAAYAS If You Ain't Ammo, You Ain't Shit
J STARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JA Judge Advocate
JA/ATT Joint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training
JAOC Joint Air and Space Operations Center
JATO Jet - Assisted Take – Off
JEEP Just Enough Education To Pass
JEEP Just Entering Electronic Principals
JFACC Joint Forces Air Component Commander
JOAP Joint Oil Analysis Program
JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JPATS Joint Primary Air Training System
JPPT Joint Primary Pilot Training
JSOW Joint Standoff Weapon
JSUPT Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LATN Low Altitude Tactical Navigation
Lawn Dart Nickname for F-16 Fighting Falcon or any other fast, pointy, single-engine aircraft.
LCAP Logistics Compliance Assessment Program
LEAP Language Enabled Airman Program