562 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb
LIMFAC Limiting Factor
Linda LoveLace ( Reference to C 5, because it kneels and takes it from both ends )
LOA Letter of Admonishment
LOA Letter of Appreciation
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOC Letter of Counseling
LOGI Logistics NCOIC (Squadron, Group, Wing)
LOR Letter of Reprimand
LOWAT Low Altitude Training
LRS Logistics Readiness Squadron
Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Gen Lieutenant General
LWOP Leave Without Pay
MAF Mobility Air Force
Maj Major
MAJCOM Major Command
Maj Gen Major General
MANPAD Man-Portable Air Defense
MARE Major Accident Response Exercise
MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MATS Military Air Transport Service
MDG Medical Group
MEO Military Equal Opportunity
MICAP Mission Incapable
MIF Maneuver Item File
MILDEC Military Deception
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure
MLR Management Level Review
MOAB Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb
MOOTW Military Operations Other than War
MOS Maintenance Operations Squadron
Mosquito Wings Nickname for the Airman rank insignia
MPF Military Personnel Flight
MSG Mission Support Group
MSgt Master Sergeant
MSS Mission Support Squadron
MTI Military Training Instructor
MTL Military Training Leader
Mud Hen Nickname for the F-15E Strike Eagle
MWS Major Weapons System
MXG Maintenance Group
MXS Maintenance Squadron
NAF Numbered Air Force
NCC Network Control Center
NCO Non-commissioned Officer
NCOA Non-commissioned Officer Academy
NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCW Network-Centric Warfare
NDI Nondestructive Inspection