562 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
NEADS Northeast Air Defense Sector
NIPR Non-secure Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network
NKAWTG Nobody Kicks Ass Without Tanker Gas
NMC Non Mission Capable
NOSC Network Operations and Security Center
NOTAM Notice To Airmen
NSI Nuclear Surety Inspection
NUB New Useless Bitch (reference for new person on station; contraction from newbie (which was originally new boy), and then backronymed)
NVG Night Vision Goggles
OA Occupational Analysis
OA Outstanding Airman
OAPT Officer Awaiting Pilot Training.
OAPTer An officer in OAPT status. While other 2nd Lt's begin their training and leadership, OAPTers complete menial tasks in support of the mission, while they wait for their assigned training date (this is known as "casual status"). It is important for all operational bases, as OAPTers are most often supplement workforce.
OAR Occupational Analysis Report
OAY Outstanding Airman of the Year
OAYA Outstanding Airman of the Year Award
OCONUS Outside the Continental United States
OCR Office of Collateral Responsibility
OFO Out Fucking Off
OG Operations Group
OIC Officer in Command
OL Operating Location
OODA Observe Orient Decide Act
OPCON Operational Control
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
OPR Officer Performance Report
OPSEC Operations Security
OPTN Operationalizing and Professionalizing the Network
ORI Operational Readiness Inspection
ORM Operation Risk Management
OSI Office of Special Investigation
OSR Occupational Survey Report
OSS Operations Support Squadron
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTS Officer Training School
PA Public Affairs
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PAS Political Affairs Strategist
PAX Air passengers
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PDS Permanent Duty Station
Perpes Humorous nickname for PRP, take on herpes
PFE Promotion Fitness Examination
PFM Pure Fucking Magic; Term to refer to a technical problem that somehow resolved itself
PFT Physical Fitness Test
PING Person In Need of Graduation
PITT Person In need of Technical Training
PJ Pararescueman
PMC Partially Mission Capable