951 abbreviations
CWA(celestial object) Cepheid W Virginis A, a subclass of CW stars that that vary in brightness on timescales of less than 8 days
CWB(celestial object) Cepheid W Virginis B, a subclass of CW stars that vary in brightness on timescales greater than 8 days
CXBR(celestial object) Cosmic X-ray Background Radiation
CXO(catalog) Chandra X-ray Observation, a catalog based from the Chandra space telescope
DAO(organization) Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
DCEP(celestial object) Delta CEPhei, a class of Cepheids named after Delta Cephei, the archetype for the class
DDEB(celectial object) Double-lined eclipsing binary
DENIS(observing program/catalog) DEep Near Infrared Survey
DENIS-P(catalog) DEep Near Infrared Survey, Provisory designation [or also known as DNS].
DES(observing program) Dark Energy Survey
DES(observing program) Deep Ecliptic Survey
DIB(celestial object) Diffuse Interstellar Band, an absorption feature in stellar spectra with an interstellar origin
DIRBE(instrumentation) Diffuse InfraRed Background Experiment, a multiwavelength infrared detector used to map dust emission
DISR(instrumentation) Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer, an instrument on the Huygens probe
DMR(instrumentation) Differential Microwave Radiometer, a microwave instrument that would map variations (or anisotropies) in the CMB
DN(celestial object) Dwarf Nova
DNS(celestial object) Double Neutron Star, another name for a binary neutron star system. [Caution: Do not confuse with DNS relating to DENIS - Deep Near Infrared Survey].
DPOSS(data) Digitized Palomar Observatory Sky Survey
DS(celestial object) Dwarf Star
DSCTDelta SCuTi, a class of pulsating variable stars named after Delta Scuti, the archetype for the class
DSN(communications network) Deep Space Network, a network of radio antennas used for communicating to spacecraft
DSS(data) Digitized Sky Survey
DWE(instrumentation) Doppler Wind Experiment, an instrument on the Huygens probe
E(celestial object) Eclipsing, a binary star system with variable brightness in which the stars eclipse each other
EA(celestial object) Eclipsing Algol, a class of eclipsing binary stars named after Algol, the archetype for the class
EAAE(organization) European Association for Astronomy Education
EAPSNET(organization) East-Asian Planet Search Network
EB(celestial object) Eclipsing Beta Lyrae, a class of eclipsing binary stars named after Beta Lyrae, the archetype for the class
EC(celestial object) Embedded Cluster, a star cluster that is partially or fully embedded in interstellar gas or dust
ECA(celestial object) Earth Crossing Asteroid
E-ELT(telescope) European Extremely Large Telescope
EGG(celestial object) Evaporating Gaseous Globule
EGGR(catalog) Eggen & Greenstein, a catalog of mostly white dwarfs
EGP(celestial object) Extrasolar Giant Planet
EGRET(telescope) Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope, another name for the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
EHB(celestial object) Extreme Horizontal Branch, a type of hot, evolved star
EJASA(publication) Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic
EKBO(celestial object) Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object, an alternative name for Kuiper Belt Objects
ELIAS(observing program) European Large Area ISO Survey, a survey of high redshift galaxies performed with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
ELT(telescope) Extremely Large Telescope
EMP(catalog) Ephemerides of Minor Planets
EMP(celestial object) Extremely Metal-Poor, a star with few elements other than hydrogen and helium
ENACS(observing program) ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey, a survey of galaxy clusters
ERO(celestial object) Extremely Red Object, a name applied to galaxies with red spectra
ESA(organization) European Space Agency
ESO(organization) European Southern Observatory
ESTEC(organization) European Space research and TEchnology Centre
ESTRACK(communications network) European Space TRACKing, a network of radio antennas used for communicating to spacecraft
EUV(astrophysics terminology) Extreme UltraViolet
EUVE(telescope) Extreme UltraViolet Explorer, an ultraviolet space telescope