951 abbreviations
EVN(organization) European VLBI Network
EW(celestial object) Eclipsing W Ursa Majoris, a class of eclipsing binary stars named after W Ursa Majoris, the archetype for the class
FAME(telescope) Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer
FASTT(telescope) Flagstaff Astrometric Scanning Transit Telescope
FCC(catalog) Fornax Cluster Catalog, a catalog of galaxies in the Fornax Cluster
FEB(celestial object) Falling-Evaporating Body, a solid planetary object that is being evaporated by the stellar wind
FGS(instrumentation) Fine Guidance Sensors, an instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope
FHST(instrumentation) Fixed Head Star Trackers, an instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope
FIR(astrophysics terminology) Far InfraRed
FIRAS(Instrumentation) Far-InfraRed Absolute Spectrophotometer
FIRST(observing program) Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-centimeters, a radio survey of the sky with the Very Large Array
FIRST(telescope) Far InfraRed and Submillimeter Space Telescope, an older name for the Herschel Space Observatory
FITS(software) Flexible Image Transport System, the format commonly used for scientific astronomy images
FLAMES(instrumentation) Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph, instrument on the VLT
FLOAT(telescope) Fibre-Linked Optical Array Telescope
FLWO(telescope) Fred L. Whipple Observatory
FMO(celestial object) Fast Moving Object, an asteroid so close to the Earth that it appears to be moving very fast
FOC(instrumentation) Faint Object Camera, a camera formerly on the Hubble Space Telescope
FOCAS(instrumentation) Faint Object Camera And Spectrograph, an instrument for the Subaru Telescope
FOS(instrumentation) Faint Object Spectrograph, a spectrometer formerly on the Hubble Space Telescope
FOV(instrumentation) Field Of View
FRED(astrophysics terminology) Fast Rise Exponential Decay, the variations in the luminosity of gamma ray bursts over time
FSC(catalog) Faint Source Catalogue, one of the catalogs produced using Infrared Astronomical Satellite data
FTL(astrophysics terminology) Faster Than Light
FUOR(celestial object) FU Orionis objects, a class of variable pre-main sequence stars named after FU Orionis, the archetype for the class
FUSE(telescope) Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, an ultraviolet space telescope
FUVITA(instrumentation) Far UltraViolet Imaging Telescope Array, an ultraviolet imager for the Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma mission
FWHM(instrumentation) Full Width at Half Maximum, a telescope resolution
FWZI(instrumentation) Full Width at Zero Intensity, a telescopes resolution
G(catalog) Giclas, a catalog of nearby stars
GAIA(telescope) Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics, a planned space telescope that will be used to make high-precision measurements of stars
GALEX(telescope) Galaxy Evolution Explorer, an ultraviolet space telescope
GASP(software) Guide star Astrometric Support Package
GAT(catalog) AO (Gatewood+), catalog of G. Gatewood's observations
GBT(telescope) Green Bank Telescope
GC(catalog) General Catalog, a catalog of clusters, nebulae, and galaxies created by John Herschel and now superseded by the New General Catalogue
GCAS(celestial object) Gamma CASsiopeiae, a class of eruptive variable stars named after Gamma Cassiopeiae, the archetype for the class
GCMS(instrumentation) Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer, an instrument on the Huygens probe
GCN(organization) GRB Coordinates Network
GCR(astrophysics terminology) Galactic Cosmic Rays
GCVS(catalog) the General Catalog of Variable Stars
GD(catalog) Giclas Dwarf, a catalog of white dwarf
GDS(celestial object) Great Dark Spot, a transient feature in the clouds of Neptune
GEM(observing program) Galactic Emission Mapping
GEM(observing program) Galileo Europa Mission, the science observation program of Europa performed by the Galileo spacecraft
GEM(observing program) Giotto Extended Mission, the extended operations of the Giotto spacecraft
GEMS(organization) Group Evolution Multi-wavelength Study
GEMS(survey) Galaxy Evolution from Morphology and Spectral energy distributions
GEMSS(organization) Global Exoplanet M-dwarf Search-Survey, a search for exoplanets around m-dwarf stars
GEODDS(telescope) Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance, a network of telescopes used in a United States Air Force program for observing space junk