951 abbreviations
GEOS(organization) Groupe Européen Observations Stellaires, an amateur and professional association for study of variable stars.
GERLUMPH(instrumentation) GPU-Enabled, High Resolution MicroLensing Parameter survey, where GPU is an acronym for Graphics Processing Unit.
GH(catalog) Giclas Hyades, a catalog of stars in the Hyades cluster
GHRS(instrumentation) Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph, a spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope
GIA(organization) Gruppo Italiano Astrometristi
GIMI(instrumentation) Global Imaging Monitor of the Ionosphere, an ultraviolet imager on the Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite
GJ(catalog) Gliese & Jahreiß/Jahreiss nearby star catalog
GL(catalog) Gliese nearby star catalog
GLAST(telescope) Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope
GLIMPSE(observing program) Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire
GMC(celestial object) Giant molecular Cloud
GMF(celestial object) Galactic Magnetic Field
GMRT(telescope) Giant Meter Radio Telescope
GMT(telescope) Giant Magellan Telescope, a telescope being built by a US-Australian collaboration
GONG(organization) Global Oscillation Network Group, an organization that monitors oscillations in the Sun
GOODS(survey) Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey a survey of various redshifts to study galactic formation and evolution
GP(astrophysics terminology) Giant Pulses, a type of observed pulse emission from pulsars
GPS(astrophysics teminology) GHz-Peaked Spectrum, the radio or microwave spectra of some galaxies
GR(astrophysics terminology) General Relativity
GR(catalog) Giclas Red dwarf, a catalog of red dwarfs
GRB(celestial object) Gamma Ray Burst
GRO(telescope) Gamma Ray Observatory, another name for the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
GROSCE(telescope) Gamma Ray Burst Optical Counterparts Search Experiment, an automated telescope used to detect the optical counterparts to gamma ray bursts
GRS(instrumentation) Gamma Ray Spectrometer, an instrument on the Mars Observer
GRS(celestial object) Great Red Spot, a feature in the clouds of Jupiter
GSC(catalog) Guide Star Catalog, a catalog of stars used for pointing the Hubble Space Telescope
GSC2(catalog) Guide Star Catalog version 2, a catalog of stars used for pointing the Hubble Space Telescope
GSFC(organization) Goddard Space Flight Center, a NASA institution
GSPC(catalog) Guide Star Photometric Catalog, a catalog of stars with precisely measured fluxes used to calibrate the Guide Star Catalog
GTC(telescope) Gran Telescopio Canarias, the 10.4 m reflecting telescope on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
HAe(celestial object) Herbig Ae star
HAeBe(celestial object) Herbig AeBe star, a type of pre-main sequence star with strong spectral emission lines
HALCA(telescope) Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy, a satellite that is part of the VLBI Space Observatory Program, a Japanese radio astronomy project
HAO(organization) High Altitude Observatory
HARPS(instrumentation) High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher, a high-precision spectrograph installed on the ESO 3.6m telescope
HASI(instrumentation) Huygens Atmosphere Structure Instrument, an instrument on the Huygens probe
HB(celestial object) Horizontal Branch, a type of evolved red giant star in which helium is burned in the core and hydrogen is burned in a shell around the core
HBe(celestial object) Herbig Be star
HBMM(astrophysics terminology) Hydrogen Burning Minimum Mass
HBRP(celestial object) High-magnetic field Radio Pulsar
HBV(catalog) Hamburg-Bergedorf Variables, a catalog of variable stars
HCO(organization) Harvard College Observatory
HCS(celestial object) Heliospheric Current Sheet, the boundary where the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field changes direction
HD(catalog) Henry Draper, a catalog of stars
HDE(catalog) Henry Draper Extension, a catalog of stars
HDF(data/celestial object) Hubble Deep Field, an area of the sky with little foreground obscuration that was observed deeply with the Hubble Space Telescope; also the name for the data product itself
HDM(astrophysics terminology) Hot Dark Matter, any
HDS(instrumentation) High Dispersion Spectrograph, a spectrograph on the Subaru Telescope
HE(catalog) Hamburg/ESO Survey
HEAO(telescope) High Energy Astronomical Observatory, a series of X-ray and gamma ray space telescopes