951 abbreviations
HEASARC(organization) High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center, a NASA organization that deals with X-ray and gamma ray telescope data
HESS(telescope) High Energy Stereoscopic System, a telescope for detecting cosmic rays
HETE(telescope) High Energy Transient Explorer, a space telescope that performs multi-wavelength observations of gamma ray bursts
HF(astrophysics terminology) High Frequency
HGA(instrumentation) High Gain Antenna
HH(celestial object) Herbig-Haro object, objects formed when the ejecta from new stars collides with the interstellar medium
HIC(catalog) HIPPARCOS Input Catalog, a catalog of data for the first target stars selected for observation by the Hipparcos
HICAT(catalog) HIPASS catalog, a catalog of HI sources, see also NHICAT
HID(astrophysics terminology) Hardness-Intensity Diagram, a type of color magnitude diagram used in X-ray and gamma ray astronomy
HIP(catalog) HIPPARCOS, the catalog of data produced by Hipparcos
HIPASS(Observing program) HI Parkes All-Sky Survey, survey of HI sources
HIPPARCOS(telescope) HIgh Precision PARallax COllecting Satellite, a space telescope specifically designed to measure distances to stars using parallax
HISA(astrophysical terminology) HI Self-Absorption region
HK(catalog) Survey for metal-poor stars based on the strength of CaII H and K absorption lines
HLIRG(celestial object) HyperLuminous Infrared Galaxy, a galaxy that is brighter than 1013 solar luminosities in the infrared
HMC(instrumentation) Halley Multicolor Camera, an instrument on the Giotto spacecraft
HMPO(celestial object) High-Mass Proto-stellar Object
HMXB(celestial object) High-Mass X-Ray Binary, an X-ray-luminous binary system consisting of a compact star and a massive star
HPMS(celestial object) High Proper Motion Star, a star with high proper motion
HR(catalog) Hoffleit Bright Star
HR(astrophysics terminology) Hertzsprung-Russell, a diagram that compares stars' colors to their luminosities
HRC-I(instrumentation) High Resolution Camera, an instrument on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory
HRD(instrumentation) High Rate Detector, an instrument on the Cassini spacecraft
HRI(instrumentation) High Resolution Imager, an instrument on the ROSAT telescope
HRMS(observing program) High Resolution Microwave Survey, a survey for microwave signals from extraterrestrial intelligence
HSP(instrumentation) High Speed Photometer, an instrument formerly on the Hubble Space Telescope
HST(telescope) Hubble Space Telescope
HTRA(astrophysics terminology) High Time Resolution Astrophysics, the observations of phenomena that vary on timescales of one second or less
HUT(telescope) Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, an ultraviolet telescope that operated from the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle
HVC(celestial object) High Velocity Cloud, an interstellar cloud with a velocity that is too high to be explained by galactic rotation
HVS(celestial object) Hypervelocity Star or High Velocity Star
HXD(instrumentation) Hard X-ray Detector, an instrument on the Suzaku space telescope
IAC(organization) Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
IAPPP(organization) International Amateur/Professional Photoelectric Photometry
IAS(organization) Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale
IASY(observing program) International Active Sun Year, the name given to a series of coordinated Sun-related observational programs performed in 1969 and 1971
IAU(organization) International Astronomical Union
IAUC(publication) IAU Circular
IAYC(meeting) International Astronomical Youth Camp
IBAS(instrumentation) INTEGRAL Burst Alert System, an instrument on the INTEGRAL satellite
IBIS(instrumentation) Imager on Board the INTEGRAL Satellite, an instrument on the INTEGRAL satellite
IBVS(publication) Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
IC(catalog) Index Catalog
IC(celestial object) Intracluster, either the regions between stars in star clusters or the region between galaxies in galaxy clusters
ICE(spacecraft) International Comet Explorer
ICM(celestial object) Intracluster Medium, is the superheated gas present at the center of a galaxy cluster
ICQ(publication) International Comet Quarterly
ICRF(astrophysics terminology) International Celestial Reference Frame, a coordinate system based on radio sources used to define the locations of objects in the sky
ICRS(astrophysics terminology) International Celestial Reference System, a coordinate system based on Hipparcos observations used to define the locations of objects in the sky
IDA(organization) International Dark-Sky Association, an organization that seeks to control light pollution