433 abbreviations
ASUAvionics switching unit
ATAuto Throttle
ATCAir traffic control
ATCRBSAir Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSSAir traffic control signalling system
ATCTAirport Traffic Control Tower
ATISAutomated Terminal Information Service
ATSUAir Traffic Services Unit
AvionicsAviation electronics
BAROBarometric indication, setting or pressure
BCRSBack course
BDIBearing distance indicator
BGANBroadcast Global Area Network
BITEBuilt-In Test Equipment
B RNAVBasic area navigation
CAICaution annunciator indicator
CASCalibrated airspeed
CAT IOperational performance Category 1
CAT IIOperational performance Category II
CAT IIIaOperational performance Category IIIa
CAT IIIbOperational performance Category IIIb
CAT IIIcOperational performance Category IIIc
CDAContinuous descent approach
CDICourse deviation indicator
CDTICockpit display of traffic information
CFITControlled flight into terrain
CNSCommunication, navigation, surveillance
CNS/ATMCommunication, navigation, surveillance/air traffic Management[1]
COMMCommunications receiver
CPDLCController–pilot data link communications
CPSCycles per second
CRTCathode ray tube
CTAFCommon traffic advisory frequency
CV/DFDRCockpit voice and digital flight data recorder
CVRCockpit voice recorder
CWSControl wheel steering
DADrift angle
DAPsDownlink of aircraft parameters
DCDUData link control and display unit
DGDirectional gyroscope
DGPSDifferential global positioning system
DHDecision height
DLRData link recorder
DMEDistance measuring equipment
DNCDirect noise canceling
DPDeparture procedures
DSPDigital signal processing
DUATDirect user access terminal
DVEDegraded Visual Environment