433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ASU Avionics switching unit
AT Auto Throttle
ATC Air traffic control
ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSS Air traffic control signalling system
ATCT Airport Traffic Control Tower
ATIS Automated Terminal Information Service
ATSU Air Traffic Services Unit
Avionics Aviation electronics
BARO Barometric indication, setting or pressure
BCRS Back course
BDI Bearing distance indicator
BGAN Broadcast Global Area Network
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
B RNAV Basic area navigation
CAI Caution annunciator indicator
CAS Calibrated airspeed
CAT I Operational performance Category 1
CAT II Operational performance Category II
CAT IIIa Operational performance Category IIIa
CAT IIIb Operational performance Category IIIb
CAT IIIc Operational performance Category IIIc
CDA Continuous descent approach
CDI Course deviation indicator
CDTI Cockpit display of traffic information
CFIT Controlled flight into terrain
CNS Communication, navigation, surveillance
CNS/ATM Communication, navigation, surveillance/air traffic Management[1]
CODEC Coder/decoder
COMM Communications receiver
CPDLC Controller–pilot data link communications
CPS Cycles per second
CRT Cathode ray tube
CTAF Common traffic advisory frequency
CV/DFDR Cockpit voice and digital flight data recorder
CVR Cockpit voice recorder
CWS Control wheel steering
DA Drift angle
DAPs Downlink of aircraft parameters
DCDU Data link control and display unit
DG Directional gyroscope
DGPS Differential global positioning system
DH Decision height
DLR Data link recorder
DME Distance measuring equipment
DNC Direct noise canceling
DP Departure procedures
DSP Digital signal processing
DUAT Direct user access terminal
DVE Degraded Visual Environment