433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
EADI Electronic attitude director indicator
EEC Electronic Engine Control
EFD Electronic flight display
EFIS Electronic flight instrument system
EGPWS Enhanced ground proximity warning system
EGT Exhaust gas temperature
EHS Enhanced surveillance
EHSI Electronic horizontal situation indicator
EICAS Engine indication crew alerting system
ELT Emergency locator transmitter
ENC Electronic noise canceling
ENG Engine
ENR Electronic noise reduction
EPR Engine pressure ratio
ETOP Extended-range twin-engine operation
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FADEC Full authority digital engine control
FAF Final approach fix
FANS Future Air Navigation System
FAT Free air temperature
FBW Fly-by-wire
FCC Flight Control Computer
FCS Flight Control System
FD Flight Director
FDPS Flight plan Data Processing System
FDRS Flight data recorder system
FDU Flux detector unit
FF Fuel flow
FG Flight Guidance
FIS-B Flight information services – broadcast
FLIR Forward-looking infra-red
FLTA Forward-looking terrain avoidance
FMA Flight Mode Annunciator
FMGS Flight Management & Guidance System
FMS Flight management system
FOB Fuel On-Board
FREQ Frequency
FSS Flight service station
FWS Flight warning system
FYDS Flight director/ Yaw damper system
GBAS Ground based augmentation system
GCAS Ground collision avoidance system
GCU Generator control unit
GDOP Geometric dilution of precision
GGS Global positioning system ground station
GHz Gigahertz
GLNS GPS Landing and Navigation System
GLNU GPS landing and navigation unit
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GLS GPS Landing System