433 abbreviations
EADIElectronic attitude director indicator
EECElectronic Engine Control
EFDElectronic flight display
EFISElectronic flight instrument system
EGPWSEnhanced ground proximity warning system
EGTExhaust gas temperature
EHSEnhanced surveillance
EHSIElectronic horizontal situation indicator
EICASEngine indication crew alerting system
ELTEmergency locator transmitter
ENCElectronic noise canceling
ENRElectronic noise reduction
EPREngine pressure ratio
ETOPExtended-range twin-engine operation
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FADECFull authority digital engine control
FAFFinal approach fix
FANSFuture Air Navigation System
FATFree air temperature
FCCFlight Control Computer
FCSFlight Control System
FDFlight Director
FDPSFlight plan Data Processing System
FDRSFlight data recorder system
FDUFlux detector unit
FFFuel flow
FGFlight Guidance
FIS-BFlight information services – broadcast
FLIRForward-looking infra-red
FLTAForward-looking terrain avoidance
FMAFlight Mode Annunciator
FMGSFlight Management & Guidance System
FMSFlight management system
FOBFuel On-Board
FSSFlight service station
FWSFlight warning system
FYDSFlight director/ Yaw damper system
GBASGround based augmentation system
GCASGround collision avoidance system
GCUGenerator control unit
GDOPGeometric dilution of precision
GGSGlobal positioning system ground station
GLNSGPS Landing and Navigation System
GLNUGPS landing and navigation unit
GLONASSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GLSGPS Landing System