433 abbreviations
GLUGPS landing unit
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GOGo Around
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPWCGround proximity warning computer
GPWSGround proximity warning system
GSGlide Slope
HDG SELHeading select
HDOPHorizontal dilution of precision
HFHigh frequency
"HgInch of Mercury
HHLDHeading hold
HIRFHigh intensity radiated field
HMDHelmet-mounted display
HPRHigh Pressure Rotor
HSDHigh-speed data
HSIHorizontal situation indicator
HSLHeading select
HUDHead-up display
IASIndicated airspeed
IDIdentify/Identification or identifier
IDSInformation display system or integrated display system
IFEIn-flight entertainment
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe
IFRInstrument Flight Rules
ILSInstrument landing system
IMCInstrument meteorological conditions
InHgInch of Mercury
INSInertial Navigation System
IRSInertial Reference System
ISAInternational Standard Atmosphere
ISPIntegrated switching panel
ITTInterstage turbine temperature
IVSIInstantaneous vertical speed indicator
JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System
LAASLocal Area Augmentation System
LADGPSLocal Area Differential GPS
LCDLiquid crystal display
LDGPSLocal area differential global positioning satellite
LEDLight-emitting diode
LMMLocator middle marker
LOMLocator outer marker
LORANLong-range navigation