433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
LPR Low Pressure Rotor
LPV Localizer performance with vertical guidance
LRU Line-replaceable unit
LX Lightning
MAP Manifold absolute pressure or missed approach point
MAPS Minimum Aviation Performance Standards
MB Marker beacon
MCBF Mean cycles between failures
MCDU Multi-purpose/Multi-function Control and Display Unit
MDA Minimum decent altitude
MEL Minimum equipment list
MF Medium frequency
MFD Multi-function display
MFDS Multi-function display system
MIC Microphone
MIDS Multifunctional information distribution system
MILSPEC Military specification
MKP Multi-function Keypad
MKR Marker beacon
MLS Microwave landing system
MM Middle marker
MMD Moving map display
MNPS [Minimmum navigation performance specifications]
MOA Military operations area
Mode A Transponder pulse-code reporting
Mode C Transponder code and altitude reporting
Mode S Transponder code, altitude, and TCAS reporting
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standard
MOSArt Modular Open System Architecture
MSA Minimum safe altitude
MSG Message
MSP Modes S-Specific Protocol
MSSS Mode S-Specific Services
MTBF Mean time between failures
MTTF Mean time to failure
MVFR Marginal visual flight rules
N1 Low Pressure rotor (spool) speed (see Jet engine)
N2 High Pressure rotor (spool) speed (see Jet engine)
NAS National Airspace System
NAV Navigation receiver
Navaid Navigational aid
NAVCOMM Navigation and communications equipment or receiver
NAVSTAR-GPS NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (The formal name for the space-borne or satellite navigation system)
NCATT National Center for Aircraft Technician Training
ND Navigation display
NDB Non-directional radio beacon
NFF No fault found
NM Nautical mile
NoTAM Notice to airmen
NPA Non-precision approach