433 abbreviations
LPRLow Pressure Rotor
LPVLocalizer performance with vertical guidance
LRULine-replaceable unit
MAPManifold absolute pressure or missed approach point
MAPSMinimum Aviation Performance Standards
MBMarker beacon
MCBFMean cycles between failures
MCDUMulti-purpose/Multi-function Control and Display Unit
MDAMinimum decent altitude
MELMinimum equipment list
MFMedium frequency
MFDMulti-function display
MFDSMulti-function display system
MIDSMultifunctional information distribution system
MILSPECMilitary specification
MKPMulti-function Keypad
MKRMarker beacon
MLSMicrowave landing system
MMMiddle marker
MMDMoving map display
MNPS[Minimmum navigation performance specifications]
MOAMilitary operations area
Mode ATransponder pulse-code reporting
Mode CTransponder code and altitude reporting
Mode STransponder code, altitude, and TCAS reporting
MOPSMinimum Operational Performance Standard
MOSArtModular Open System Architecture
MSAMinimum safe altitude
MSPModes S-Specific Protocol
MSSSMode S-Specific Services
MTBFMean time between failures
MTTFMean time to failure
MVFRMarginal visual flight rules
N1Low Pressure rotor (spool) speed (see Jet engine)
N2High Pressure rotor (spool) speed (see Jet engine)
NASNational Airspace System
NAVNavigation receiver
NavaidNavigational aid
NAVCOMMNavigation and communications equipment or receiver
NAVSTAR-GPSNAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (The formal name for the space-borne or satellite navigation system)
NCATTNational Center for Aircraft Technician Training
NDNavigation display
NDBNon-directional radio beacon
NFFNo fault found
NMNautical mile
NoTAMNotice to airmen
NPANon-precision approach