433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
NVD Night vision device
NVG Night vision goggles
OAT Outside air temperature
OBS Omnibearing selector
OCC Operations Control Center
OM Outer marker
OWE/OEW Operating Weight Empty/Operating empty weight
PA Public address system
PAL Pilot Activated Lighting
PAPI Precision approach path indicator
PAR Precision approach radar
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting
P-Code GPS precision code
PD Profile descent
PDOP Position dilution of precision
PFD Primary flight display or primary flight director
PMG Permanent magnet generator
PND Primary navigation display
PNR Passive noise reduction
POF Phase of flight
POS Position
P-RNAV precision area navigation
PSR Primary surveillance radar
PSU Passenger service unit
PTT Push-to-talk
QAR Quick Access Recorder
QNH Barometric pressure adjusted to sea level
QRH Quick Reference Handbook
RA Resolution advisory (TCAS)
RAI Radio altimeter indicator
RAIM Receiver-autonomous integrity monitoring, also remote autonomous integrity monitoring
RALT Radar or radio altimeter
RAT Ram air turbine
RCR Reverse current relay
RCVR Receiver
RDMI Radio distance magnetic indicator
RDP Radar data processing system
RDR Radar
REF Reference
REIL Runway end identifier lights
REL Relative
RF Radio frequency
RFI Radio frequency interference
RHSM Reduced horizontal separation minimal
RLG Ring laser gyroscope
RLY Relay
RMI Radio magnetic indicator
R-NAV Area navigation
RNG Range
RNP Required navigation performance