433 abbreviations
ROCRate of climb
RODRate of descent
RPARemotely piloted aircraft (Unmanned aerial vehicle)
RPMRevolutions per minute
RVRRunway visual range
RVSMReduced vertical separation minimum
SATStatic air temperature
SATCOMSatellite communication
SATNAVSatellite navigation
SDSecure digital
SELCALSelective calling
SIDStandard instrument departure
SIUSatellite interface unit
SMSShort Messaging Service
SNRSignal-to-noise ratio
SQ or SQLSquelch
SRSSpeed Reference System
SSCV/DRSolid-state cockpit voice/data recorder
SSCVRSolid-state cockpit voice recorder
SSFDRSolid-state flight data recorder
SSRSecondary surveillance radar
STARStandard terminal arrival route
STARSStandard Terminal Automation Replacement System
STCSupplemental Type Certificate
STCAShort-Term Conflict Alert
STPStandard temperature and pressure
SUASpecial use airspace
T/RTransmitter receiver or transceiver
TATraffic advisory (see TCAS)
TACANTactical air navigation system
TADTerrain awareness display
TAFTerminal area forecast
TASTrue airspeed
TATTrue air temperature, or total air temperature
TAWSTerrain awareness warning system
TBOTime before overhaul, or time between overhaul
TCAThrottle control assembly, or terminal control area
TCASTraffic collision avoidance system
TCFTerrain clearance floor
TCUTACAN control unit
TDOPTime dilution of precision
TDRTransponder (in some cases)
TERPSTerminal instrument procedures, or terminal en route procedures
TFRTemporary flight restrictions
TFTThin-film transistor