433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ROC Rate of climb
ROD Rate of descent
RPA Remotely piloted aircraft (Unmanned aerial vehicle)
RPM Revolutions per minute
RTE Route
RVR Runway visual range
RVSM Reduced vertical separation minimum
RX Receiver
SAT Static air temperature
SATCOM Satellite communication
SATNAV Satellite navigation
SD Secure digital
SELCAL Selective calling
SID Standard instrument departure
SIU Satellite interface unit
SMS Short Messaging Service
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
SPKR Speaker
SQ or SQL Squelch
SRS Speed Reference System
SSCV/DR Solid-state cockpit voice/data recorder
SSCVR Solid-state cockpit voice recorder
SSFDR Solid-state flight data recorder
SSR Secondary surveillance radar
STAR Standard terminal arrival route
STARS Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
STCA Short-Term Conflict Alert
STP Standard temperature and pressure
SUA Special use airspace
T/R Transmitter receiver or transceiver
TA Traffic advisory (see TCAS)
TACAN Tactical air navigation system
Tach Tachometer
TAD Terrain awareness display
TAF Terminal area forecast
TAS True airspeed
TAT True air temperature, or total air temperature
TAWS Terrain awareness warning system
TBO Time before overhaul, or time between overhaul
TCA Throttle control assembly, or terminal control area
TCAS Traffic collision avoidance system
TCF Terrain clearance floor
TCU TACAN control unit
TDOP Time dilution of precision
TDR Transponder (in some cases)
TERPS Terminal instrument procedures, or terminal en route procedures
TFR Temporary flight restrictions
TFT Thin-film transistor