433 abbreviations
TGTTurbine gas temperature, or target
THDGTrue heading
TISTraffic information service
TKTrack angle
TKETrack-angle error
TLAThrust Lever Angle
TLAThree-letter acronym
TO/GATakeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
TODTop of Descent point
TOGATakeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
TOTTurbine outlet temperature
TRTransmitter receiver or transceiver
TRACONTerminal radar approach control
TRANSTransmit, Transmission, or Transition[disambiguation needed]
TRPMode S transponder
TTRTCAS II transmitter/receiver
TTSTime to station
TVETotal vertical error
TWDLTwo-way data link, or terminal weather data link
TWDRTerminal Doppler Weather Radar
TWIPTerminal weather information for pilots
TWRTerminal weather radar
UARTUniversal asynchronous receiver transmitter
UAVUnmanned aerial vehicle
UHFUltra-high frequency
ULBUnderwater locator beacon
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UTCUniversal Time Coordinate
VVolts or voltage
V/NAVVertical navigation
V/RVoltage regulator
V/REFReference velocity
V/SVertical speed
V/TRKVertical track
VASIVisual approach slope indicator
VDLVHF Data Link
VDRVHF digital radio
VFOVariable frequency oscillator
VFRVisual flight rules
VG/DGVertical gyroscope/directional gyroscope
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VHFVery high frequency
VMCVisual meteorological conditions or minimum control speed with critical engine out
VNENever exceed speed
VNOMaximum structural cruising speed
VNRVHF navigation receiver
VORVHF omnidirectional range and ranging