433 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
THDG True heading
TIS Traffic information service
TK Track angle
TKE Track-angle error
TLA Thrust Lever Angle
TLA Three-letter acronym
TOD Top of Descent point
TO/GA Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
TOGA Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
TOT Turbine outlet temperature
T/R Transmitter receiver or transceiver
TR Transmitter receiver or transceiver
TRACON Terminal radar approach control
TRANS Transmit, Transmission, or Transition[disambiguation needed]
TRK Track
TRP Mode S transponder
TTR TCAS II transmitter/receiver
TTS Time to station
TVE Total vertical error
TWDL Two-way data link, or terminal weather data link
TWDR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TWIP Terminal weather information for pilots
TWR Terminal weather radar
TX Transmit
UART Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter
UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle
UHF Ultra-high frequency
ULB Underwater locator beacon
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTC Universal Time Coordinate
V Volts or voltage
VASI Visual approach slope indicator
VDL VHF Data Link
VDR VHF digital radio
VFO Variable frequency oscillator
VFR Visual flight rules
VGA Video Graphics Array
VG/DG Vertical gyroscope/directional gyroscope
VHF Very high frequency
V/L VOR/Localizer
VMC Visual meteorological conditions or minimum control speed with critical engine out
V/NAV Vertical navigation
VNE Never exceed speed
VNO Maximum structural cruising speed
VNR VHF navigation receiver
VOR VHF omnidirectional range and ranging
VOR/DME VOR with Distance measuring equipment
VOR/MB VOR marker beacon
VORTAC VOR and TACAN combination
VOX Voice transmission