2581 abbreviations
AIDGAdvanced Integrated Drying and Gasification
AILApplication Interface Language
AIMActive Ingredient Manufacturer
AIRAir Injector Reactor
AKAfter Kindling
AKTAll Kinds Of Things
ALAAlpha Linolenic Acid
ALBAAcetylation Lowers Binding Affinity
ALDHALdehyde DeHydrogenase
ALKPAlkaline phosphatase
Al-Lialuminum-lithium alloy
ALPActivating Local Potential
AMAAnalytic Meticulous And Affordable
AMAAtomic Moment Approximation
AMRAnalytical Method Recovery
AMTAmino Mercapto Thiadiazole
AMUAtomic Mass Units
ANAmmonium Nitrate
ANAAnti-Nuclear Antibody
ANAAtomic Non Atomic
ANNAmmonia Nitrite Nitrate
AOAldehyde Oxidase
AOAqueous Oxygen
AOAAnhydrous Oripavine Alkaloid
AODArgon Oxygen Decarburization
AOEAmino Oxo Epoxidecanoic
AOIAge Of Innocence
AORPAdvanced Oxidation/Reduction Process
APArchimedes Plutonium
APCIAtmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
APCVDAtmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
APEOalkylphenol ethoxylates
APIAromatic PolyImide
APPamyloid precursor protein
APPAtactic Poly Propylene
APPAverage Physical Product
APPMTApplied Photon Processing and Measurement Technology
APRAir Purifying Respirator
APSAnti-Pressure Surge
APTH1-Acetyl-3-Phenylamidine Thiocarbamide Hydrochloride
AQLAcceptable Quality Limits
AQLAverage Quality Level
ARAnalytical Reagent
ARDAccelerated Rehabilative Disposition
ARLAxiom Right Left
ASAmmonium Sulphate
ASAacetylsalicylic acid (ASPIRIN)