2581 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AIDG Advanced Integrated Drying and Gasification
AIL Application Interface Language
AIM Active Ingredient Manufacturer
AIR Air Injector Reactor
AK After Kindling
AKT All Kinds Of Things
Al Aluminum
ALA Alpha Linolenic Acid
ALBA Acetylation Lowers Binding Affinity
ALDH ALdehyde DeHydrogenase
ALKP Alkaline phosphatase
Al-Li aluminum-lithium alloy
ALP Activating Local Potential
AMA Analytic Meticulous And Affordable
AMA Atomic Moment Approximation
AMR Analytical Method Recovery
AMT Amino Mercapto Thiadiazole
AMU Atomic Mass Units
AN Ammonium Nitrate
ANA Anti-Nuclear Antibody
ANA Atomic Non Atomic
ANN Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate
ANS 1-Anilino-8-Naftalen-Sulfonat
AO Aldehyde Oxidase
AO Aqueous Oxygen
AOA Anhydrous Oripavine Alkaloid
AOD Argon Oxygen Decarburization
AOE Amino Oxo Epoxidecanoic
AOI Age Of Innocence
AORP Advanced Oxidation/Reduction Process
AP Archimedes Plutonium
APCI Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
APCVD Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
APEO alkylphenol ethoxylates
API Aromatic PolyImide
APP amyloid precursor protein
APP Atactic Poly Propylene
APP Average Physical Product
APPMT Applied Photon Processing and Measurement Technology
APR Air Purifying Respirator
APS Anti-Pressure Surge
APTH 1-Acetyl-3-Phenylamidine Thiocarbamide Hydrochloride
APV 2-Amino-5-PhosphonoValerate
AQL Acceptable Quality Limits
AQL Average Quality Level
AR Analytical Reagent
ARD Accelerated Rehabilative Disposition
ARL Axiom Right Left
AS Ammonium Sulphate
ASA acetylsalicylic acid (ASPIRIN)