2581 abbreviations
ASAAlkenyl Succinic Anhydride
ASDAtomic Spin Density
ASEAccelerated Solvent Extraction
ASITApplied Signal And Image Technology
ASLAtom Specification Language
ASRAlkali-Silica Reaction
ASRAnalyte Specific Reagent
ASRAtomic Sequential Reduction
ATAdenine and Thymine
ATAlkaline Transition
AT%Atomic Percent
ATCActive Thermal Convection
ATCAlcohol Type Concentrate
ATCAutomatic Temperature Compensation
ATCSActive Thermal Convection System
ATcTActive Thermochemical Tables
AT NOAtomic Number
ATOMAncient Teachings Of The Masters
ATPAdenosine Tri-Phosphate
ATPAll Trace Particles
ATPAmbient Temperature Pressure
ATPSAtmospheric, Temperature, Pressure, Saturated
AtZn-MPArabidopsis thaliana Zinc-MetalloProtease
AVIDAdvanced Vaporless Ipa Dryer
AVRAcidification Volatilization Reneutralization
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AWCHActivity Weighted Chemical Hyperstructure
AZOTEUsed formerly as a name for nitrogen.
AzPhPAAAzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Acrylic Acid
AzPhPAAmAzidoPhenyl-derivatized PolyAllylAmine
AzPhPEGAzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Ethylene Glycol
B/OBypass/ Overflow
B2O3Boric Oxide
BABenzyl Alcohol
BABonding Activity
BAButyl Acetate
BAABragg Amino Acids
BABSBarium Alumino BoroSilicate
BADGEBisphenol A Di Glicidyl Ether
BALBritish Anti-Lewisite
BAPBenzyl Amino Purine
BAPEXBangladesh Petroleum Exploration & Production Company Limited
BaTiO3barium titanate
BAVBio-augmented Anaerobically-degrading Vinyl Chloride
BBBig Bang