2581 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ASA Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride
ASD Atomic Spin Density
ASE Accelerated Solvent Extraction
ASH3 Arsine
ASIT Applied Signal And Image Technology
ASL Atom Specification Language
ASP ASPartate
ASR Alkali-Silica Reaction
ASR Analyte Specific Reagent
ASR Atomic Sequential Reduction
AT Adenine and Thymine
AT Alkaline Transition
AT% Atomic Percent
ATC Active Thermal Convection
ATC Alcohol Type Concentrate
ATC Automatic Temperature Compensation
ATCS Active Thermal Convection System
ATcT Active Thermochemical Tables
ATM Atmosphere
AT NO Atomic Number
ATOM Ancient Teachings Of The Masters
ATP Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
ATP All Trace Particles
ATP Ambient Temperature Pressure
ATPS Atmospheric, Temperature, Pressure, Saturated
AtZn-MP Arabidopsis thaliana Zinc-MetalloProtease
Au Gold
AVID Advanced Vaporless Ipa Dryer
AVR Acidification Volatilization Reneutralization
AVT All-Volatile Treatment
AWCH Activity Weighted Chemical Hyperstructure
AZOTE Used formerly as a name for nitrogen.
AzPhPAA AzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Acrylic Acid
AzPhPAAm AzidoPhenyl-derivatized PolyAllylAmine
AzPhPEG AzidoPhenyl-derivatized Poly-Ethylene Glycol
B Boron
B/O Bypass/ Overflow
B2O3 Boric Oxide
BA Benzyl Alcohol
BA Bonding Activity
BA Butyl Acetate
BAA Bragg Amino Acids
BABS Barium Alumino BoroSilicate
BADGE Bisphenol A Di Glicidyl Ether
BAL British Anti-Lewisite
BAP Benzyl Amino Purine
BAPEX Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration & Production Company Limited
BaTiO3 barium titanate
BAV Bio-augmented Anaerobically-degrading Vinyl Chloride
BB Big Bang