2581 abbreviations
CFRCasting For Recovery
CFRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CFRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
CGComplete Generation
CGEComputable General Equilibrium
CGPcyanophycin (molecule)
CGRCondensate Gas Ratio
CHAChemical Hamiltonian Approach
CHCChlorinated Hydrocarbon
ChEBIChemical Entities of Biological Interest
CHESSChemical Shift Selective Imaging Sequence
CHGchlorhexidine gluconate
CHGBChromogranin B
CHICationic Hydration Interlink
CHIPChemical Hazard Information and Packaging
CHPChemical Hygiene Plan
CIComposite Index
CIDCollision-Induced Dissociation
CINChemical Industry Notes
CIPCesium Intermediate Product
CISCarbonlite Ionet Suspension
CISChemical Information System
CISContinuous Interleaved Sampling
CLACompressed Liquid Approximation
CLAConjugated Linoleic Acid
CLAPCarbohydrates, Lipid, Nucleic Acid, Protein
CLCCholesteric Liquid Crystal
CLCCross Linked Cellulose
CLRCalcium, Lime, and Rust remover
CMCementitious Materials
CMCompound Management
CMCustomized Microscopy
CMACalcium Magnesium Acetate
CMCChemical Manufacturing Control
CMCChemistry Manufacturing and Controls
CMCChemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
CMCCritical Micelle Concentration
CMCCCrystallography Made Crystal Clear
CMDComputer Molecular Dynamics
CMLChemical Markup Language
CMLRCore Mass Luminosity Relation
CMOCyclohexanone MonoOxygenase
CMPChemical Mechanical Planarization
CMSCenter for Materials Simulation
CMTKChloride Moisture Test Kit