8018 abbreviations
1FTROne For The Road
3VAThe council for voluntary service for Eastbourne, Lewes District and Wealden
8MBAEight Mile Boulevard Association
99ERSUnemployed persons who exhausted all 99 weeks of insurance
AAAfrican American
AAAll American
AAAncient of Ancients
AAAsian Avenue
AAAActive Affluent Adults
AAAAgree Acknowledge Apologize
AAAAmerican Automobile Association
AAACArts Appeal Advisory Committee
AAAGAfrican American Advisory Group
AABEAmerican Association of Blacks in Energy
AACAugmentative or Alternative Communication
AACFArab American Community Forum
AACIAsian Americans for Community Involvement
AACLAlberta Association for Community Living
AACOCAlliance Area Chamber of Commerce
AACSCAfro American Community Service Center
AACSCAfro American Cultural and Service Center
AACTSAging & Adult Client Tracking System
AAFAAfrican American Firefighters Association
AAGPApartment Association of Greater Philadelphia
AAHCAfrican American Heritage Committee
AAIAltruistic Autonomous Individuals
AAISArboricultural Advisory And Information Service
AAMIAfrican American Male Initiative
AAMMPAfrican American Milwaukee Marriage Partnership
AAMPAmericans Against Marijuana Prohibition
AAMPPArtists, Agents, Managers, Producers, promoters
AANOAlbanian-American National Organization
AANRAmerican Association for Nude Recreation
AANRAmerican Association Of Nudist Resorts
AAOCAfrican American Opportunity Centers
AAOCAfrican American Outreach Committee
AAOCApartment Association of Orange County
AAOCAround And About Orange County
AAPCAfrican-American Parent Coalition
AAPCAmerican Academy of Professional Coders
AAPGAustin Alternative Process Group
AAPMAttitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor
AAPPAssociation of Asian Parliaments for Peace
AAPSOAmerican Association Of Provider Service Organizations
AARAverage Art Rating
AARCAlberta Adolescent Recovery Center