8018 abbreviations
YAFSYoung Adult Fertility Survey
YAFSYouth Adult and Family Services
YAFSYouth And Family Services
YAFWGYoung Adult Friends Working Group
YAGYoung Adults Group
YAGYouth Advisory Group
YAHYou Are Here
YALYemeni American League
YALYoung Adult Literature
YALAYoung Adults of Los Angeles (The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles)
YAPYou Accessing People
YAPOYet Another Package Opening
YAPSYoung Adults Planning Stuff
YARCYoung Adult Recreation Club
YARCYoung Adult Review Council
YASYoung Adult Smoker
YASYouth Activity Services
YATYoung American Trash
YBHYeshiva Beit Hillel
YBHYouth Becoming Healthy
YBYYour BackYard
YCYouth Community
YCYouth Corps
YCYouth Council
YCAYoung Chicago Authors
YCEYoruba Council of Elders
YCFDYakima County Fire District
YCFD-12Yakima County Fire District 12
YCOYouth Charitable Organization
YCPYouth Challenge Program
YCQYou Can Quit
YCRYouth Care and Resources
YCUYoung Caribbean United
YCUAYpsilanti Community Utilities Authority
YCVYoung Canadian Voices
YCVYoung Citizen Volunteers
YCVYour Creative Voice
YDAYouth Division Aid
YDCYoung Drivers of Canada
YDCYouth Development Collaborative
YDFYouth Development Foundation
YDPYellow Duck Park
YDPYoung Druze/Tawheed Professionals
YDPYouth Development Program
YEYoung Entrepreneur
YE1Young Entrepreneur Activity #1
YE2Young Entrepreneur Activity #2
YE3Young Entrepreneur Activity #3
YE4Young Entrepreneur Activity #4
YEALYouth Emergency Accomodation Line