8018 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACCT Association of Community Councils Together
ACDA American Commodity Distribution Association
ACDC bisexual
ACE Action Community for Entrepreneurship
ACE Active Community Enrichment
ACE Adventure Camaraderie And Entertainment
ACE Advocacy For Community Employment
ACE Airport Community Enthusiast
ACE Arkansas Community of Excellence
ACE(s) Active Community Environment(s)
ACES Amazon Community of Emotional Support
ACF Albany County Fair
ACF Appanoose County Fair
ACF Austrian Cultural Forum
ACFD Action Committee for Full Development
ACFMS African Caribbean Family Mediation Services
ACFP A Cry For Peace
ACG Association for Corporate Growth
ACHC Abbotsford Community Health Committee
ACHIEVE A Childs Health Includes Emphasizing The Value Of Education
ACHP Adult Care Home Program
ACIL Access Center for Independent Living
ACIS Adolescent Conduct Intervention Services
ACL All Community Luck
ACL Association For Community Living
ACLF Adult Congregate Living Facility
ACLF Assisted Care Living Facility
ACLF Azteca Community Loan Fund
ACLU All Crazy Lunatics Unite
ACM Allentown Cookout Meet
ACMP Access to Credit Media Project
ACNA Annals of Colonial North America
ACNA Aurora Club of North America
ACOF A Community Of Friends
ACOLS Aboriginal Circle of Life Services Program
ACON AIDS Council Of NSW (New South Wales)
ACORN A Classification Of Residential Neighborhood
ACORN A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhood
ACORN A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods
ACORN Afghan Children Organizing to Rehabilitate Nature
ACORN Alternative Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods
ACOSS Australian Council Of Social Service
ACP Author Custom Policy
ACPC Area Child Protection Committee
ACPC Arts Coalition Planning Committee
ACPC Arts Council of Placer County
ACPC Asian Council For Peoples Culture
ACPN Austin Childcare Providers Network
ACTT Assertive Community Treatment Team
ACU Asian Cultural Union