8018 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACVB Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau
ACVB Anchorage Convention and Visitor Bureau
ACVB Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau
ACVB Avalon Convention and Visitors Bureau
ACVS Adult Commuter and Veterans Services
ACWD Alameda County Water District (Newark, Fremont, and Union City, California)
ACWI Advisory Committee on Water Information
ACWS Alberta Council of Womens' Shelters
ADAPT Accepting Differences About People Together
ADAPT Adult Diversion And Program Transition
ADAPT Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Prevention Team
ADAT Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment
ADD Absence of Dad's Discipline
ADD Additional Daddy Discipline
ADD Adequate Discipline Deficiency
ADL Activities for Daily Living
ADM Ancestral Domain Monument
ADNA Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association
ADRA Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association
ADTP Addiction Day Treatment Program
ADTP Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program
ADV American Dissident Voices
AECC Arizonans for Electric Choice & Competition
AERC Adolescent Employment Readiness Center
AERP Adolescent Employment Readiness Project
AES Accumulated Experience Sharing
AESN Afro European Sisters Network
AEST Abused Empowered Survivor Thrive
AFA Available For Adoption
AFANG American Family Association of North Georgia
AFC Adult Foster Care
AFC Anime Friendship Club
AFC Avalon Fan Clan
AFCC Ashburn Family Community Center
AFCH Adult Foster Care Home
AFCP Aboriginal Friendship Centres Program
AFDC Alzheimers Family Day Center
AFF Adult Friend Finder
AFFN Ahwatukee Foothills Friends and Neighbors
AFFT Americans For Fair Taxation
AFH Adult Family Home
AFI After the Fire Ignites
AFIHC American Family Immigration History Center
AFK Away From Kitchen
AFS Alaska Fire Service
AFSA Attitude, Friendship, Service, and Accomplishment
AF Survey American Freshman Survey
AFT Accounting Financing And Tax
AG Action Group
AG Age Group