8018 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AG Aging Gracefully
AGEL Alliance Of Graduate Employee Locals
AGLF Atlanta Gay Liberation Front
AGO A Goff Original
AGTTP Afghan German Technical Training Programme
AH After Hours
AH Auction House
AHA Alone, Helpless, and Addicted
AHANA American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American
AHCP Access to HIV Care Program
AHCP AIDS Home Care Program
AHCP All Hallows Community Project
AHCP Auburn Hills Commerce Park
AHEC Area Health Education Center
AHHC Akurana Helping Hands Crawley
AHM Andover, Hebron and Marlborough
AHN Assigned House Number
AHOY Add Health to Our Years
AHS Always Happy Sisters
AI The Art Institute
AI/AN American Indian/Alaska Native
AICP American Institute of Certified Planners
AID Assistance In Distress
AIDS Acquiring Information Destroying Stereotypes
AIF American India Foundation
AILP Adolescent Independent Living Programming
AILT Amelia Island Lighthouse Tour
AIM Access for Infants and Mothers
AIM Alcohol In Moderation
AIMM Armed Informed Mothers March
AIS Active, Individual, and Social
AIVIA All India Village Industries Association
AL Anno Lucis
AL Assisted Living
ALCC Austin Laymans Crimestalker Casebook
ALERT Advanced Local Emergency Response Team
Alf Alphonse
ALF Assisted Living Facility
ALFA A Loving Family Affair
ALIENS A Light In Every Neighborhood and School
ALL Amusement Linkage Live
ALLB Assistance League of Long Beach
ALLI Anxiety Link Long Island
ALM Advanced Locality Management
ALOC Adult Living Options Committee
ALPHA Activity Leisure Play Health And Achievement
ALR Afternoon Lunch Rendezvous
ALS A Lucky Son
ALSP Achham Livelihoods Security Project
ALSP Adult Lifestyle Support Program