5814 abbreviations
WDNWindows Developer Network
WDNWireless Developer Network
WDRMWireless Design Reference Manual
WDSGCERP Web Design Standards Group
WDSGWashington Deming Study Group
WDUGWeb Developers Users Group
WEAVWeb Enthusiasts Association of Victoria
WECPWebsite Evaluators Certification Program
WEDIWorkgroup For Electronic Data Interchange
WERWord Error Rate
WESIWebSphere APIs for Edge Side Includes
WESSWeb Engineered Systems and Services
WESSWeb- Enabled Survey System
WEUCWriting Effective Use Cases
WFGWait For File To Grow
WFMLWeb Form Markup Language
WFQIWorkflow In Process Inquiry
WFSWindows File Script
WFVLWeb File Viewer Language
WGCGWisconsin Genetics Computer Group
WGDWeb Graphics Design
WGDWindows Global Domination
WGDWorking Group on Data
WGD-15CEOS Working Group on Data
WGEWorking Group Environment
WGEDWork Group on Electronic Delivery
WGIWorking Group Information
WGIPWorking Group For Interested Parties
WGKTWorking Group on Knowledge Transfer
WGLCWorking Group Last Call
WGNWork Group News
WGOEWorking Group on Operating Experience
WGPWorkshop on Generic Programming
WGPOWorkGroup PostOffice
WGQWorking Group Query
WGSEWorking Group on Software Engineering
WHPCWorkshop on High Performance Computing
WHPUCWorldwide Hewlett- Packard Users Council
WIWindow Information
WIAWindows Image Acquisition
WIBOWorkflow Intelligent Business Object
WIDLWeb Interface Definition Language
WIDLSWeb Interface Definition Language Submission
WIDPWorley's IDentification Profile
WIFWhat Is Fido
WIFWinbraille Interchangeable Format
WIGWINTAG Image Gallery
WIGCWINTAG Image Gallery Click
WILWindows Interface Language
WIMPWhy Implement Mega Programs