5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACE Advanced Computing Environment [obsolete]
ACE Asynchronous Communications Element
ACER A Computer Entrepreneurial Revolution
ACF Advanced Communication Facility
ACI Annotated Cached Information
ACI Artificial Cybernetic Intelligence
ACIA Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACID Automation, Consolidation, Internationalization, and Diversification
ACIP Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing
ACL Audit Command Language
ACM Advanced Computer Modeling
ACM Application Character Map
ACME All Can Modify the Environment
ACMS Automated Configuration Management System
ACNS Automated Copyright Notice System
ACP Administration Control Panel
ACP Association of Computer Professionals
ACPC-99 Fourth International Conference of the Austrian Center for Parallel Computation
ACR Advanced Computational Research
ACR Animated Computer Rendering
ACRC Advisory Committee on Research Computing
ACRC Architecture Computer Resource Center
ACRS Automated Computer Response System
ACS Active Chapter Size
ACS Active Computer Speakers
ACS Ada Compilation System
ACS Antoniak Coding System
ACS Asynchronous Connection Server
ACS Automatic Class Selection
ACSE Application Control Service Element
ACT Advanced Composite Technology
ACTA Administrative Council for Terminal Attachment
ACTS Automated Computer Time Service
ACU Automatic Calling Unit
AD Analog to Digital
ADA Analog Digital Analog
Ada Language after Augusta Ada Byron, computer pioneer
ADAM Affordable Desktop Application Manager
ADAR Ada Decimal Arithmetic And Representations
ADAS Automated Disk Analysis System
ADAT Alesis Digital Audio Tape
ADC Active Directory Connector
ADC Advanced Disk Catalog
ADC Apple Developer Connection
ADC Automated Data Capture
ADC Automatic Data Collection
ADCU Association of Data Communications Users
ADD Apple Data Detectors
ADD Attribute Driven Design method
ADDC Automatic Data Direction Control