5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ADDIE Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate
ADDMD Administrative Directory Management Domain
ADE Advanced Document Engineering
ADE Archive Data Extract
ADF Advance Data Format
ADF Amiga Disc Format
ADFS Apple DOS File System
ADG Annotated Domain Graphics
ADHOC Allied Destructive Hackers Of Columbia
ADI Accessibility & Distribution of Information
ADI Application Data Interface
ADI Automatic Data Interface
ADL Architecture Definition Language
ADL ASCII Display List
ADMD Administrative Management Domain
ADODB ActiveX Data Object Data Base
ADP Active Data Page
ADP Analysis, Design, and Programming
ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment
ADQ Ata Drive Query
ADRAM Asynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
ADRG Arc Digitised Raster Graphics
ADS Active Directory Services
ADS Alternate Data Streams
ADTM Autonomous DNA Turing Machine
ADTS Audio Data Transport Stream
ADUC Active Directory Users and Computers
ADUS Archived Data User Service
ADVD Audio Digital Versatile Disc
AE Active Entity
AEA Activity End Acknowledge
AEH Alarm Event Handler
AEI Application Entity Invocation
AEIC Automation Electronics Infomatics Computers
AEO Avid Enhanced Object
AF Application Framework
AFP Advanced Function Printer
AFP Advanced Function Printing
AFP Appletalk File Protocol
AFR Alternate Frame Rendering
AFSS Asian Fuzzy Systems Society
AFT Automatic File Transfer
AFT Available File Table
AG Arnold and Gosling
AGE Animation Graphics and Effects
AGM Anime Games Movies
AGP Accelerated Graphics Performance
AGP Advanced Gaming Port
AGP Advanced Graphic Processing
AGP Advanced Graphics Port