5814 abbreviations
ADDIEAnalyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate
ADDMDAdministrative Directory Management Domain
ADEAdvanced Document Engineering
ADEArchive Data Extract
ADFAdvance Data Format
ADFAmiga Disc Format
ADFSApple DOS File System
ADGAnnotated Domain Graphics
ADHOCAllied Destructive Hackers Of Columbia
ADIAccessibility & Distribution of Information
ADIApplication Data Interface
ADIAutomatic Data Interface
ADLArchitecture Definition Language
ADLASCII Display List
ADMDAdministrative Management Domain
ADODBActiveX Data Object Data Base
ADPActive Data Page
ADPAnalysis, Design, and Programming
ADPEAutomatic Data Processing Equipment
ADQAta Drive Query
ADRAMAsynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
ADRGArc Digitised Raster Graphics
ADSActive Directory Services
ADSAlternate Data Streams
ADTMAutonomous DNA Turing Machine
ADTSAudio Data Transport Stream
ADUCActive Directory Users and Computers
ADUSArchived Data User Service
ADVDAudio Digital Versatile Disc
AEActive Entity
AEAActivity End Acknowledge
AEHAlarm Event Handler
AEIApplication Entity Invocation
AEICAutomation Electronics Infomatics Computers
AEOAvid Enhanced Object
AFApplication Framework
AFPAdvanced Function Printer
AFPAdvanced Function Printing
AFPAppletalk File Protocol
AFRAlternate Frame Rendering
AFSSAsian Fuzzy Systems Society
AFTAutomatic File Transfer
AFTAvailable File Table
AGArnold and Gosling
AGEAnimation Graphics and Effects
AGMAnime Games Movies
AGPAccelerated Graphics Performance
AGPAdvanced Gaming Port
AGPAdvanced Graphic Processing
AGPAdvanced Graphics Port