5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AGP Advanced Graphics Processor
AGS Advanced Graphics System
AH Address Handling
AH Application Header
AH Attribute Hidden
AHA Advanced Heuristic Analysis
AHD Audio Hardware Driver
AHP Alternative Hierarchy Process
AHP Analytical Hierarchy Process
AI Almost Implemented
AI Automatic Indexing
AID Automated Intelligence Discovery
AIF Automated Information Facility
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
AIM Addictive Instant Messenger
AIMD Additive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease
AIME Advanced Interactive Mudding Environment
AIMO Asymmetric Inverted Mode Operation
AIMS Auto Indexing Mass Storage
AIO Asynchronous Input Output
AIQ Artificial Intelligence Quotient
AIR Area Information Retrieval
AIS Accelerated Indexing System
AIS Adaptive Intelligent System
AIS Amadeus Information System
AIS Automated Indexing System
AIS Automated Information System
AIS Autonomous Intelligent System
AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape
AIT Advanced Intelligent Technology
AITR Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Technical Report
AIU Advice Information Updates
AIU Application Interface Unit
AIX Alternate IndeX
AL Address List
ALC Audio Library Context
ALG Austin LinuxUser Group
ALI Application Loader Information
ALICE Artistic Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
ALIS Austin Local Internet Society
ALOHA Advanced Learning On Higher Arithmetic
ALOHA Advocates of Linux Open-source Hawaii Association
ALS Application Layer Structure
ALS Automatic Line Switching
ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architechure
ALT Algorithmic Learning Theory
ALT Application Load Table
ALU Association of LISP Users
AM Automatic Margins
AMA Adaptive Management Area