5814 abbreviations
AMBCSAssociate Member of the British Computer Society
AMCAnnual Miantenance Contract
AMFActionscript Messaging Format
AMFAdvance Module Format
AMIAlternate Mark Inversion
AMIAtlas Metadata Interface
AMISAdvanced Multimedia Indexing And Searching
AMISAudio Messaging Interchange Specification
AMLAdvanced Markup Language
AMPAudio MPEG Player
AMPAutomated Modular Platform
AMSAccess Method Services
AMSApplication Management Service
AMSACApplications, Middleware, & Services Advisory Council
AMTActive Management Technology
ANArchitecture Neutral
ANDlogical AND (programming, IC design)
ANFA New Framework
ANRAutomatic Network Routing
ANSAdvanced Network Services
ANSAgent Name Server
AOAutonomous Object
AOCEApple Open Collaboration Environment
AOIAbsence Of Ink
AOSAcademic Operating System
AOSAudio Operating System
AOWAsian and Oceanic Workshop for open systems
APAccess Point
APArtificial Paradise
APAutomation Protocol
APAAll Points Addressable
APAArithmetic Processing Accelerator
APCApplication Pointer Cache
APCAustralian Personal Computer
APDAutomatic Power Down
APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
APEArchives Portfolios Environment
APECAll Purpose Electronic Computer
APFAuxiliary Page Field
APIAAPI Association
APISAdaptive Programmable Interface Unit
APMApplication Page Module
APMApplication Performance Management
APMAssignable Program Modulation
APPApplecare Protection Plan
APPNAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
APSActive Pixel Sensor
APSAdvanced Production System
APSAll Processes Suspended