5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AMBCS Associate Member of the British Computer Society
AMC Annual Miantenance Contract
AMF Actionscript Messaging Format
AMF Advance Module Format
AMI Alternate Mark Inversion
AMI Atlas Metadata Interface
AMIS Advanced Multimedia Indexing And Searching
AMIS Audio Messaging Interchange Specification
AML Advanced Markup Language
AMP Audio MPEG Player
AMP Automated Modular Platform
AMS Access Method Services
AMS Application Management Service
AMSAC Applications, Middleware, & Services Advisory Council
AMT Active Management Technology
AN Architecture Neutral
AND logical AND (programming, IC design)
ANF A New Framework
ANR Automatic Network Routing
ANS Advanced Network Services
ANS Agent Name Server
AO Autonomous Object
AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment
AOI Absence Of Ink
AOS Academic Operating System
AOS Audio Operating System
AOW Asian and Oceanic Workshop for open systems
AP Access Point
AP Artificial Paradise
AP Automation Protocol
APA All Points Addressable
APA Arithmetic Processing Accelerator
APC Application Pointer Cache
APC Australian Personal Computer
APD Automatic Power Down
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
APE Archives Portfolios Environment
APEC All Purpose Electronic Computer
APF Auxiliary Page Field
APIA API Association
APIS Adaptive Programmable Interface Unit
APM Application Page Module
APM Application Performance Management
APM Assignable Program Modulation
APP Applecare Protection Plan
APPL Application
APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
APS Active Pixel Sensor
APS Advanced Production System
APS All Processes Suspended