5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
APS Application Print Services
APS Application Protection System
APT Automated Programmed Tool
AQ Abap Query
AQ Any Query
AQF Australian Qualification Framework
AR Artificial Reality
AR Attention Routine
AR Augmented Reality
ARC Advanced Risc Computing
ARC Argonaut Risc Core
ARD Abi Respondents Database
ARF Abort Retry Fail
ARF Autonomous Reflection Form
ARG Autodesk Resource Guide
ARID Active Reviews for Intermediate Designs
ARIN American Registry For Internet Numbers
ARK Advanced Rendering Kernel
ARL Abbreviated Rule Language
ARM Advanced RISC Machine
ARPA Adaptive Resource Protection Agent
ARS Attend Read Skip
ART Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed
ARU Audio Response Unit
AS Activity Start
AS Application System
AS Autonomous System
AS/RS Automated Storage and Retrieval System
AS1 Applicability Statement 1
AS2 Applicability Statement 2
ASAP Ada Source Analysis Program
ASAP Animation Simulation Assessment And Problems
ASAP Automated System Adjustment Program
ASAP Automatic Screen Access Program
ASAP Awesome Site Assembling Program
ASC Accredited Standards Committee
ASC American Standard Code
ASCII American Standard Code For Information Interchange
ASD Application Specific Discretes
ASD Application Structure Description
ASD Automatic Skip Driver
ASDL Abstract Syntax Description Language
ASE Application Service Element
ASES Approximate Search Engine for Structure
ASFO Applications Service Field Support
ASI Automatic Scanning Input
ASM Abstract State Machine
ASM Application Switch Menu
ASMT Administrative Systems Management Team
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation