5814 abbreviations
APSApplication Print Services
APSApplication Protection System
APTAutomated Programmed Tool
AQAbap Query
AQAny Query
AQFAustralian Qualification Framework
ARArtificial Reality
ARAttention Routine
ARAugmented Reality
ARCAdvanced Risc Computing
ARCArgonaut Risc Core
ARDAbi Respondents Database
ARFAbort Retry Fail
ARFAutonomous Reflection Form
ARGAutodesk Resource Guide
ARIDActive Reviews for Intermediate Designs
ARINAmerican Registry For Internet Numbers
ARKAdvanced Rendering Kernel
ARLAbbreviated Rule Language
ARMAdvanced RISC Machine
ARPAAdaptive Resource Protection Agent
ARSAttend Read Skip
ARTAnthropomorphic Robotic Testbed
ARUAudio Response Unit
ASActivity Start
ASApplication System
ASAutonomous System
AS/RSAutomated Storage and Retrieval System
AS1Applicability Statement 1
AS2Applicability Statement 2
ASAPAda Source Analysis Program
ASAPAnimation Simulation Assessment And Problems
ASAPAutomated System Adjustment Program
ASAPAutomatic Screen Access Program
ASAPAwesome Site Assembling Program
ASCAccredited Standards Committee
ASCAmerican Standard Code
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code For Information Interchange
ASDApplication Specific Discretes
ASDApplication Structure Description
ASDAutomatic Skip Driver
ASDLAbstract Syntax Description Language
ASEApplication Service Element
ASESApproximate Search Engine for Structure
ASFOApplications Service Field Support
ASIAutomatic Scanning Input
ASMAbstract State Machine
ASMApplication Switch Menu
ASMTAdministrative Systems Management Team
ASNAbstract Syntax Notation