5814 abbreviations
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASOApplication Service Object
ASPActive Screen Protocol
ASPAdvanced Spatial Parameterization
ASPAdvanced Systems Protocol
ASRApple Software Restore
ASRAutomated System Recovery
ASRSAutomatic Storage and Retrieval System
ASTSAsynchronous System Traps
ASUApple Software Updates
ATAAdvanced Technology Architecture
ATAMArchitecture Tradeoff Analysis Method
ATCAbstract Test Case
ATCAdvanced Transfer Cache
ATEAppend To End
ATIActivist Times Inc
ATISSAdvanced Technology & Intelligent Systems Solutions
ATLActive Template Library
ATLAutomatic Tape Library
ATMAdobe Type Manager
ATMAschronous Transfer Mode
ATMAutomated Transactional Management
ATMPAscend Tunnel Management Protocol
ATPAll Tests Passed
ATRAndy's Techno Rules
ATSFAlert Transport Service Facility
AUAAcceptable Use Agreement
AUBAAsociacion de Usuarios de Borland Argentina
AUBPAverage Utilization of Batch Processors
AUGIAutodesk Users Group International
AUIAccess Unit Interface
AUIAdaptable User Interface
AUIApplication User Interface
AUIAttachment Unit Interface
AUIAttachment User Interface
AUMAnnual Upgrade Maintenance
AUOActive User Object
AUPAny Usable Program
AUXAuxillary device, equipment, a peripheral
AVCAudio for Video Coding
AVCAverage Variable Courseweb
AVLAdvanced Vector Library
AVMActive Virtual Memory
AVRAdvanced Virtual Risc
AVRAutomatic Volume Recognition
AVTAutomated Voice Technology
AVWAdvanced Video Workstation