5814 abbreviations
AWKAho Weinberg And Kernighan
AWKAho Weinberger And Kernighan
AXISAis Xml Integrated System
B8ZSBinary Eight Zero Substitution
BABTBritish Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BAEBaidu App Engine
BALBusiness Application Language
BALBusiness Assembly Language
BAMBasic Access Methods
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interfaces
BARTBest Achievable Retrofit Technology
BARTBest Available Retrofit Technology
BASBasic Activity Subset
BASBinary Attribute Set
BASHBourne- Again SHell
BASICBeginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASICBuilding A Secure Information Community
BBBit Bucket
BBBBare Bones Basic
BBDBrowser Based Display
BCBasic Component
BCBig Calculator
BCBinary Counter
BCBBorland C Builder
BCCBlock Check Character
BCFBridge Control Facility
BCFBit Clear File
BCGBinary Coded Graphs
BCHBose, Chaudhuri, Hocquengum
BCISBedan Computer Information Society
BCOBusiness Capacity Owner
BCPBasic Control Program
BCPBulk Copy Paste
BCPBulk Copy Program
BCPLBasic Combined Programming Language
BCPLBerkeley C Programming Language
BCRBaseline Comparison Report
BCSBaseline Configuration System
BCSBasic Catalog Structure
BCSBasic Combined Subset
BCSBoston Computer Society
BCSBritish Computer Society
BCSBusiness Computer System
BCTBy Copy To
BDBack Door
BDBad Disk
BDBig Digits
BDAMBasic Direct Access Method
BDDBinary Dialog Definition
BDFBitmap Distribution Format