5814 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AWK Aho Weinberg And Kernighan
AWK Aho Weinberger And Kernighan
AXIS Ais Xml Integrated System
B8ZS Binary Eight Zero Substitution
BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BAE Baidu App Engine
BAL Business Application Language
BAL Business Assembly Language
BAM Basic Access Methods
BAPI Business Application Programming Interfaces
BART Best Achievable Retrofit Technology
BART Best Available Retrofit Technology
BAS Basic Activity Subset
BAS Binary Attribute Set
BASH Bourne- Again SHell
BASIC Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASIC Building A Secure Information Community
BB Bit Bucket
BBB Bare Bones Basic
BBD Browser Based Display
BC Basic Component
BC Big Calculator
BC Binary Counter
BCB Borland C Builder
BCC Block Check Character
BCF Bridge Control Facility
BCF Bit Clear File
BCG Binary Coded Graphs
BCH Bose, Chaudhuri, Hocquengum
BCIS Bedan Computer Information Society
BCO Business Capacity Owner
BCP Basic Control Program
BCP Bulk Copy Paste
BCP Bulk Copy Program
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
BCPL Berkeley C Programming Language
BCR Baseline Comparison Report
BCS Baseline Configuration System
BCS Basic Catalog Structure
BCS Basic Combined Subset
BCS Boston Computer Society
BCS British Computer Society
BCS Business Computer System
BCT By Copy To
BD Back Door
BD Bad Disk
BD Big Digits
BDAM Basic Direct Access Method
BDD Binary Dialog Definition
BDF Bitmap Distribution Format