1099 abbreviations
DRMDirect Rendering Manager
DSDLDocument Schema Definition Languages
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
DSLDomain-Specific Language
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSNDatabase Source Name
DSNData Set Name
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DSSSLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language
DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTPDesktop Publishing
DTRData Terminal Ready
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
DVD-ROMDVD-Read Only Memory
DVIDigital Visual Interface
DVRDigital Video Recorder
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBMLExtensible Binary Meta Language
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography
ECNExplicit Congestion Notification
ECOSEmbedded Configurable Operating System
ECRSExpense and Cost Recovery System
EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDOExtended Data Out
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
EEPROMElectronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFIExtensible Firmware Interface
EFMEight-to-Fourteen Modulation
EGAEnhanced Graphics Array
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
eIDelectronic ID card
EIDEEnhanced IDE
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
ELMELectronic Mail
E-mailElectronic mail
EMSExpanded Memory Specification
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
EOFEnd of File
EOLEnd of Line
EOMEnd Of Message
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ERDEntity-Relationship Diagram