544 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
B.M. Bonae Memoriae ("Of Happy Memory")
B.M.F. Bene Merenti Fecit ("He erected this to the Well-Deserving")
Bon. Mem. Bonae Memoriae ("Of Happy Memory")
B.P. Beatissime Pater ("Most Holy Father")
B.Q. Bene Quiescat ("May he [or she] Rest Well")
Bro. Brother
B. Se. Baccalaureus Scientiarum ("Bachelor of Sciences")
B.T. Baccalaureus Theologiae ("Bachelor of Theology")
B.U.J. Baccalaureus Utriusque Juris ("Bachelor of Both Laws" i.e., civil and canon)
B.V. Beatitudo Vestra ("Your Holiness")
B.V. Beata Virgo ("Blessed Virgin")
B.V.M. Beata Virgo Maria ("Blessed Virgin Mary")
C. Consul
Cam. Camera (Papal Treasury)
Cam. Ap. Camera Apostolica ("Apostolic Camera" i.e. Papal Treasury)
Can. Canonicus
Canc. Cancellarius ("Chancellor")
Canice. Canonice ("Canonically")
Cap. Capitulum ("Little Chapter" Breviary)
Cap. de seq. Capitulum de Sequenti ("Little chapter of the following feast" Breviary)
Capel. Capella ("Chapel")
Card. Cardinalis ("Cardinal")
Caus. Causa ("Cause")
C.C. Curatus ("Curate" used chiefly in Ireland)
CC. Consules ("Consuls")
CC. VV. Clarissimi Viri ("Illustrious Men")
Cen. Eccl. Censura Ecclesiastica ("Ecclesiastical Censure")
Cens. Censuris ("Censures" abl. or dat. case)
C.F. Clarissima Femina ("Most Illustrious Woman")
Circumpeone. Circumspectione ("Circumspection" abl. case)
C.J.M. Congregatio Jesu et Mariae (Eudist Fathers)
Cl., Clico. Clericus, Clerico ("Cleric")
Cla. Clausula ("Clause")
Clun. Cluniacenses ("Monks of Cluny")
Cl. V. Clarissimus Vir ("Most Illustrious Man")
C.M. Causa Mortis ("On occasion of death")
C.M. Congregatio Missionis (Lazarists)
C.M. Congregatio Mariae (Fathers of the Company of Mary)
C.O. Conjugi Optimo ("To my Excellent Husband")
C.O.B.Q. Cum Omnibus Bonis Quiescat ("May he [or she] Repose With All Good souls")
Cod. Codex (Manuscript)
Cog. Leg. Cognatio Legalis ("Legal Cognation")
Cog. Spir. Cognatio Spiritualis ("Spiritual Cognation")
COI. Conjugi ("To my Husband [or Wife]")
Coione. Communione ("Communion" abl. case)
Coll. Cone. Collectio Conciliorum ("Collection of the Councils")
Comm. Prec. Commemoratio Praecedentis ("Commemoration of the preceding feast" Breviary)
Comm. Seq. Commemoratio Sequentis ("Commemoration of the following feast" Breviary)
Compl. Completorium ("Compline" Breviary)
Con. Contra ("against")