544 abbreviations
Cone.Concilium ("Council")
Conf. Doct.Confessor et Doctor (Breviary)
Confeone.Confessione ("Confession" abl. case)
Conf. Pont.Confessor Pontifex ("Confessor and Bishop" Breviary)
Cons.Consecratio ("Consecration")
Consciae.Conscientiae ("Of [or to] conscience")
Consecr.Consecratus ("Consecrated")
Const. Ap.Constitutio Apostolica ("Apostolic Constitution")
ConstbusConstitutionibus ("Constitutions" abl. or dat. case)
COSS.Consules ("Consuls")
C.P.Clarissima Puella ("Most Illustrious Maiden")
C.P.Congregatio Passionis (Passionists)
C.PP.S.Congregatio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis (Fathers of the Most Precious Blood)
Cr.Credo ("Creed" Breviary)
C.R.Congregatio Resurrectionis (Resurrectionist Fathers)
C.R.C.S.Clerici Regulares Congregationis Somaschae (Somaschi Fathers)
C.R.I.C.Canonici Regulares Immaculatae Conceptionis ("Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception")
C.R.L.Canonici Regulares Lateranenses ("Canons Regular of the Lateran")
C.R.M.Clerici Regulares Minores ("Clerks Regular Minor", Mariani)
C.R.M.D.Clerici Regulares Matris Dei ("Clerks Regular of the Mother of God")
C.R.M.I.Clerici Regulares Ministrantes Infirmis ("Clerks Regular Attendant on the Sick", Camillini, Camilliani)
C.R.P.Congregatio Reformatorum Praemonstratensium (Premonstratensians)
C.R.S.P.Clerici Regulares Sancti Pauli (Barnabites)
C.R.S.P.Clerici Regulares Pauperum Matris Dei Scholarum Piarum ("Clerks Regular of the Poor Men of the Mother of God for Pious Schools", Piarists)
C.R.T.Clerici Regulares Theatini (Theatines)
CS., COS.Consul
C.S.B.Congregatio Sancti Basilii (Basilians)
C.S.C.Congregatio Sanctae Crucis (Fathers and Brothers of the Holy Cross)
C.S.P.Congregatio Sancti Pauli (Paulists)
C.SS.CC.Congregatio Sacratissimorum Cordium (Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary)
C.S. Sp.Congregatio Sancti Spiritus (Holy Ghost Fathers)
C. SS. R.Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris (Redemptorists)
C.S.V.Clerici Sancti Viatoris (Clerks, or Clerics, of St. Viateur)
D.Depositus ("Laid to rest"); or Dulcis ("Dear One")
D.Dominus ("Lord")
d.dies ("day")
D.C.L.Doctor Civilis [or Canonicae] Legis ("Doctor of Civil [or Canon] Law")
D.D.Dedit, Dedicavit ("Gave", "Dedicated")
D.D.Doctores ("Doctors")
D.D.Donum dedit; Dedicavit ("Gave", "dedicated")
D.D.Doctor Divinitatis ("Doctor of Divinity" i.e. Theology)
DD. NN.Dominis Nostris ("To Our Lords")
Dec.Decanus ("Dean")
Def.Defunctus ("Deceased")
DEP.Depositus ("Laid to rest")
D.G.Dei Gratia ("By the Grace of God")
D.I.P.Dormit In Pace ("Sleeps in Peace")
Discreoni.Discretioni ("To the Discretion")
Dispensao.Dispensatio ("Dispensation")