544 abbreviations
D.M.Diis Manibus ("To the Manes [of]")
D.M.S.Diis Manibus Sacrum ("Sacred to the Manes [of]")
D.N.Domino Nostro ("To Our Lord")
D.N.Dominus Noster ("Our Lord")
DN, DNS, DNUSDominus ("Lord")
D.N.J.C.Dominus Noster Jesus Christus ("Our Lord Jesus Christ")
DnusDominus ("Lord", "Sir", or "Mr.")
Doct.Doctor (Breviary)
Dom.Dominica ("Sunday")
D.O.M.Deo Optimo Maximo ("To God, the Best and Greatest")
Doxol.Doxologia ("Doxology" Breviary)
D.R.Decanus Ruralis ("Rural Dean")
DSDeus ("God")
D.Se.Doctor Scientiarum ("Doctor of Sciences")
Dupl.Duplex ("Double feast" Breviary)
Dupl. I. Cl.Duplex Primae Classis ("Double First Class feast" Breviary)
Dupl. II. Cl.Duplex Secundae Classis ("Double Second Class feast" Breviary)
Dupl. Maj.Duplex Major ("Double Major feast")
D.V.Deo Volente ("God willing")
E., Eccl.Ecclesia ("The Church")
Eccl.Ecclesiasticus ("Ecclesiastic")
Ecclae.Ecclesiae ("Of [or to] the Church")
Ecclis.Ecclesiasticis ("Ecclesiastical")
Effum.Effectum ("Effect")
El.Electio, Electus ("Election", "Elect")
EmusEminentissimus ("Most Eminent")
EPS, EP., Episc.Episcopus ("Bishop")
Epus.Episcopus ("Bishop")
Et.Etiam ("Also, Even")
E.V.Ex Voto ("In Fulfilment of a Vow")
Evang.Evangelium ("Gospel" Breviary)
E VIV. DISC.E Vivis Discessit ("Departed from Life")
Ex.Extra ("Outside of")
Excoe.Excommunicatione ("Excommunication" abl. case)
Exe.Excommunicatus, Excommunicatio ("Excommunicated, Excommunication")
Exit.Existit ("Exists")
EX. TM.Ex Testamento ("In accordance with the Testament of")
F.Fecit ("Did"); or Filius ("Son"); or Feliciter ("Happily")
F.C.Fieri Curavit ("Caused to be made")
Fel. Mem.Felicis Memoriae ("Of Happy Memory")
Fel. Rec.Felicis Recordationis ("Of Happy Memory")
Fer.Feria ("Weekday")
F.F.Fieri Fecit ("Caused to be made")
FF.Fratres ("Brothers"); Filii ("Sons")
Fr.Frater ("Brother")
Fr., F.Frater, Frere ("Brother")
Frum.Fratrum ("Of the Brothers")
FS.Fossor ("Digger")
Fund.Fundatio ("Foundation")
Gen.Generalis ("General")